Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Dear All –

Very, very, very sorry for the long lapses in posting this year. I am still here and working on coming back to the blog. For the past few months I have been crazy busy working on writing. In addition to taking two writing classes this year, I attended a non-fiction pitch writer’s conference where I pitched my book idea to agents and editors at publishing houses. Two editors asked to see a finished and final product. This was very exciting and now I really have to put the pedal to the metal and get the draft finalized and polished!

In addition, I did a reading of my work at a literary bar in Manhattan. This was really cool (I was a touch nervous) opportunity to be invited to. But more than that, it was a chance to test out the material to an audience. That was very helpful to see what they respond to. I was thinking about uploading the reading to the blog, but the reading is was about 15 minutes long – but if anyone wants to see what I read, I can upload it. I took a bunch of Reindeer posts and pulled them into a reading.

I think my writing planets are aligning!

Much love and appreciation!


p.s. this post is posted in real time – April 18, 2012. The next post is going to go back in time to Spring of 2010.