Sunday, May 9, 2010


Last night when I was talking to Reindeer he asked, “Want to go shopping in SoHo tomorrow?” Uhm, do Hindus begin every auspicious occasion with the Ganesh prayer? We do!!! Soooooo YES I want to go shopping in SoHo.” Two of my favorite words, shopping and SoHo.

It has been a few days since receiving my cousin’s email. Kehar Singh is pretty much avoiding both of us. I can’t blame him. There are plenty of days that, if it was possible to divorce me from myself, I would do it. But I cannot energize those negative feelings right now. I have other pressing matters, such as it is August in the City and I almost had heat stroke drying my hair. My apartment has 5 outlets (yes 5, two of which are in the kitchen). And I cannot run the air conditioner and the hair dryer at the same time. It shorts the electrical system in the apartment and I lose power in two of my four rooms. Since I am short, to power back up I have to haul out the step ladder to reach the switch box.

When Reindeer arrives he is in a button-down, sleeves rolled to his elbows, black jeans and brown suede shoes. What is he thinking? It is 90 thousand freaking degrees outside. Then again he grew up in New Delhi, New York is NOTHING compared to that monsoon heat!

Because the A train is not running, we trek across the neighborhood to the 1 train. For most of the walk Reindeer seems surprised and scared. Which, I understand. Crossing Broadway up here is like going from Europe to South America, two completely different worlds, blocks apart.

Once in SoHo, the air smells like something is on fire. Later we’ll learn the Deutshe Bank was burning while we shopped. We pop in and out of a few stores, and barely hold hands. For the love of God and his cousin Chuck, what is this? The Victorian age? I should have worn an ankle length Pilgrim dress instead of capris and a summer top.

In J. Crew Reindeer tries on tee-shirts and seeks my approval. We pop into Puma and Reindeer asks, “Where do you think Uniqlo is?” What the hell is it? I wonder. “Hey, any chance you want to see Chak De! India, starring Shah Rukh Khan? It’s playing on the East Side,” I suggest. Reindeer looks quizzically at me. “Really?” he asks. “Sure it has to have sub-titles for the American desis,” I reply and shrug. “Let’s go! I have not seen a Bollywood flick in so long,” he says, genuinely pleased.

Hhhmm, this should earn me a gold desi dating star or two!

(Photo: Shah Rukh Khan)

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