Tuesday, June 8, 2010


My fingers warm from clutching the over-sized mug filled with coffee and fat-free, lactose-free French vanilla creamer. I avoid thinking that something can be cream but not dairy. Perhaps I simply have a love of processed things that may or may not give me cancer like Diet Coke aka Diva Cola. Yum!

I cross my legs and wiggle around in my office chair. My computer is open to the Banker’s latest email, “Did you call Reindeer yet?” Man I am NOT a person to be dared or challenged. Everything I am, everything I have accomplished has been a struggle of fight. Because nothing has come easily for me I get a little combative and competitive. This is also why I am a deplorable board game player. I am a really bad loser because I pout. And I am an even WORSE winner because I gloat. I have found my friendships last longer when I don’t play board games.

Accordingly the Banker’s dare to contact Reindeer pecks at my brain the way the pigeons in Bennett Park go after the last piece of bread. It doesn’t help that nothing I do (shopping, eating, dating) shakes thoughts of Reindeer. It’s like he's perched on the ledge of my mind and my mental Swiffer cannot sweep the thought of him away.

I don’t know what the point of deleting a number that I memorized was, because within seconds I am dialing Reindeer. While I wait for him to pick-up I decide that I will say hello, ask how he is doing and then ask if I can get my Tupperware back.

But when I go into voicemail I check the time. Noon. He finished yoga an hour ago. It’s December so he’s not golfing. Sometimes he gets his hair cut. And of course there is the chance that he’s is ignoring me. Surprisingly I feel relief that I don’t actually speak to him. After the beep I leave this voicemail, “Hey Reindeer, can you call me back when you have a chance.”

After hanging up, I have a few hyperventilating moments of “why did I do that?” Sure, I don’t back down from a challenge. And my voicemail was nicer than saying, “give me back my Tupperware you balding f*ck-head.” Did I shift the power back to his court? Who cares! I am entitled to get my private property back!!!


Debbie said...

nothin like sticking to your guns and standing on principles. hell, tupperware is expensive.

starlight said...

I had to chuckle! Why do women do that - delete a number that they've memorized? It's as if we think, "there! That'll teach him! Can't call him now that the number is deleted!" I've done it. Women around the world have done and do it. Medieval women - if they had telephones then - would have done it. And, the man has no clue we are bunching our undies so over them. Oh well, I for one, need to know if/when you get your tupperware back. Carry on!

The Brother said...

Once lesson i have learned dont mess with an Indian woman and her tupperware.

101 Bad Desi Dates said...

Dear Debbie ... thank you, I do like to stick to my guns and yes that stuff is SUPER expensive. I had to host a party to get my goods on discount and even then ... money money money!

101 Bad Desi Dates said...

Dear Starlight .... SO glad to know I am not the only woman who thinks she is outsmarting herself and in my case heartbreak too! Yea and I am sure he has no care or concern that I deleted his number. LOL. Dont you worry about the Tupperware Tale ... it is developing! More soon.

101 Bad Desi Dates said...

Dear Brother ... yes, Tupperware is worth starting a war over! Not really bc I am not a fan of war with guns and bomnbs, but you know what I mean! Desi girl wants her plastic goods!