Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Somehow we get from the restaurant, into a cab and to Town and Country’s house. Walking, which I have been doing since I was 11 months old, is taking ALL of my effort and concentration because I have entered drunk consciousness. It’s that state of being where you are so intoxicated that you really should not function. Yet, you have the innate fight or flight ability to focus on ONE thing, like staying awake on the subway, standing upright for 10 minutes, or pretending someone is interesting.

For some reason Town and Country is still functioning, perhaps being taller and outweighing me by 45 pounds helps. As he unlocks the door he shares that a famous couple lives down the street. Maybe I would find this more interesting if I hadn’t walked by Al Roker on the street, sat on the steps of Sarah Jessica Parker’s brownstone or seen Kyra Sedgwick in the Village.

Once inside, he points to the fireplace and says, “Do you think there is a way to make better use of the foyer?” Okay buddy, I can barely handle walking. I cannot currently offer architectural expertise. Ask me tomorrow.

Interestingly, I am lucid enough to notice that A LOT of knick-knacks decorate his house. And when I say a lot, I mean a lot. As a fellow collector, I have vases, framed photos, books, trinkets and faux objet-de-arts filling my bookshelves and lining the window ledges. But I am no match for this man.

Town and Country has an antique coat rack in the corner, framed landscape portraits on the walls, and a collection of clocks, vases and plates along the fireplace mantle. The dining room has a china cabinet, buffet and beautiful table in the center with his papers and laptop sprawled across it. None of the pieces match, but the woods blend together in an eclectic fashion. There is a gigantic vase of dried flowers on the buffet. The dining room walls house more oil paintings and along the floor are mousetraps. Despite the fact that vermin fill NYC (Rohit and Meera had a mouse in their house, Jack is a on a perpetual quest to eradicate roaches from the apartment and families of rats live in dumpsters), I still react with, “Eek!”

“I see you found the mouse traps,” Town and Country says and laughs. “I don’t keep any food in there anymore. Nor do I cook.” “So you eat out often?” I ask. “Yes. Would you like to join me for dinner tomorrow night?” Second date? Two nights in a row? With someone I actually like? Uhm, yes please! “Sure,” I reply. “Good,” he says and smirks. He flips on the kitchen light, wraps his hands around my biceps and fake pushes me into the kitchen. I yelp and he draws me back. “Just kidding. Come look outside,” he says and opens the patio doors to a beautiful midnight garden. “This is amazing,” I whisper. “I don’t use it much,” he shares.

He gives me a tour of the house --- sitting rooms, an unused office, and bedrooms. We retire to the drawing room, which like the foyer is adorned with books and ornaments. Where does a busy man, with no wife (I am guessing since we met on a matrimonial site) have time to buy and display all these trinkets? If he ever moves, I have empathy for the movers who will have to box up all this stuff!

He pours two glasses of plum brandy and sits down next to me. I take a small sip and find it REALLY sweet, drinkable, but set it aside. My new plan is to sober up! 


Christy said...

These cliffhangers are driving me crazy! I'm on vacation this week with the in-laws and each new entry provides a much needed ray of sunshine! Thanks!

101 Bad Desi Dates said...

Dear Christy, I am so sorry that the cliffhangers drive you nuts :) though for me, it says I can write a compelling story! Which bodes well when I try and find an agent!

But the issue I ran into was this is an important date and without giving too much away about how my story ends, I didn't want to short this date even though this date is 3,400 words and too long for one post. So it seemed best to make it last the week, much like a soap opera. And I feel the wait is worth it :) but you tell me once we get to the Thurs night post :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Christy! I want to know now. But I agree with you 101 you do write a story well!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm.... This smells like trouble... Can't wait to see how you unravel it all :)

101 Bad Desi Dates said...

Dear VickyG .... trouble, that is putting it mildly .... read on!