Monday, July 26, 2010


In the back of the cab I close my eyes (something I would NEVER do on the subway). Now that I have a moment, I need to release my plumbing frustration and transit stress, and clear my head of all thoughts, but my phone yips, alerting me to a text message. I pop one eye open and see a message from Town and Country.

T&C: Good morning. When should I expect you?
DESI GIRL: In a cab, no more than 7 minutes away.
T&C: Good. Text me when you get here. (He then explains how he is in the middle of a complicated matter between two siblings, more name-dropping and money talk).
DESI GIRL: Sure thing. (Again why is he telling me? It creates a push and pull, between wanting to pursue him and walk away before I invest myself and end up as romance road kill. Because I really am a simple gal. As long as I can get my nails done and buy shoes, I’ll be fine. I am not looking for a bank account, I have one. What I don’t have is a life partner and that is what I want.)
T&C: Change in plans. Meet me at the corner.

I give the driver new directions and Town and Country is exactly where he said he would be in an army green jacket and a cap tight to his head. I suppose this must be the advantage of being bald, looking sleek in a wool cap. He pecks my lips and I give him his coffee.

“I bought vanilla scones.” “I don’t like sweets,” Town and Country says. Okay, I’ve a shitty morning the least he can do is freaking play along and eat the damn scone. “These aren’t sweet,” I insist and he eats it. “How was it?” I ask. “Very good,” he says.

We walk, sip coffee and listen to how tranquil Manhattan is on a Saturday morning. She seems sleepy, serene and almost innocent, with only a few foot soldiers ducking into coffee houses, walking dogs and collecting newspapers in their pajamas. We reach the flea market and stroll between tables filled with vintage clothes, wigs, jewelry, books, records, faux fur, old tin plates, brass goods, wood goods, comic books, and turquoise. My mind goes numb from what previously owned goods you can buy. 

What I find even more fascinating about Manhattan is that this is a town where the average apartment lists at $1.4 million, most people live WAY beyond their means and tote bags can cost more than rent, yet there are more flea markets and street fairs than I have ever seen. Town and Country takes a call and I check my phone and see several missed calls from Rohit and Meera.

Rohit NEVER calls me and Meera is not a phone person. I return the call and it barely rings. “Where are you? Tell me you are NOT still with him?” Meera demands.“I am,” I reply. She starts screaming and then says, “Honey! She is STILL with him!” Rohit gets on the phone and says, “Where are you missy?" "Flea market. And my name isn't Missy," I tease. “Tell us EVERYTHING!” Meera shrieks. Evidently I am on speaker phone and say, “He is standing five feet away I don’t think your request is the best idea.” “Fine. Call us back," Rohit says. "Oh. My. God! He wants to fill every moment of time and space with you,” Meera says.  “What if he buys you something?” Rohit asks. “I don’t want anything," I reply. “What?” Meera yelps. “If he buys, you accept!” “I’ll call you later. Once you come off that caffeine high,” I say, laughing, feeling blessed for their friendship.

Town and Country and I leave to have lunch. He orders tea and I a Diet Coke. He spends a couple minutes looking around and shakes his head. “This place could make so much money. But the staff is clueless and the service slow." Always the businessman. I wish I was like him, more dedicated to the pursuit of my dreams, goals and hopes. At the end of lunch I insist on paying, he resists at first, “I like paying,” he says. But I can be VERY persistent when provoked and say, “My treat." He shrugs and lets me. “I am off to a conference tonight,” he says. “I am off to a fundraiser,” I reply. “My flight gets in around midnight, but it’s too late to call you,” he says. “No it’s not,” I reply. “Great. I’ll text you then,” he says.

Super! Date Four must surely lurk around the corner!


Anonymous said...

"She seems sleepy serene and almost innocent..." Well said...Love it! Sort of reminds me of my neighborhood in Brooklyn... miss it :(
So, nothing juicy at the market?

101 Bad Desi Dates said...

Dear Anonymous ... thanks, it is great knowing fellow NYers agree with the description! And no nothing. I am my mother's daughter and have issues with buying other people's stuff.

Anonymous said...

He doesn't like Sweets? What is wrong with this person? Although, so far, he seems ok, in a flashy, flashing sort of way. Oh, and I agree, you are blessed with Meera and Rohit's friendship. But what kind of friend only calls when you are on a date?

101 Bad Desi Dates said...

Dear Anonymous ... No sweets, dunno! But I dont love sweets, I like them but I will turn down cake. However, I will not turn down chips! EVER! Yes, he does seem okay. So did Reindeer right?