Monday, October 25, 2010


Meera, Lucy (Rohit’s co-worker who I befriended at their Super Bowl party back in February) and I are eating oven-baked pizzas and drinking white wine at a small, quaint Upper West Side Bar. The location wasn’t a convenient choice for any of us. Meera and I are uptown in Harlem and the Heights, and Lucy lives downtown in Battery Park City.

“Guess who contacted me?” I ask as both Meera and Lucy take bites of their slices. They look at each and shrug. “Town and Country,” I reply. Meera rolls her eyes, “What does he want after all this time? And what took him so long to realize he was missing out?” Meera asks. This is one of the reasons I love Meera. So what if I am not Miss Universe Aishwarya Rai Bachchan hot, she believes in me and friends, like lovers, should never tear you down, they should always build you up. “Which guy is this again? There are so many I need a flow chart,” Lucy asks and wipes her lips. “The one who dated her for three days and decided he wanted his ex back. What happened to the ex?” Meera asks. I shrug.

“How did this happen?” Lucy asks. “He texted me and asked if I wanted to get together when we were both in New York,” I explain. “What does ‘wanted to get together’ mean?” Meera asks. “This sounds like a booty call? If so, I don’t understand why he would pick someone so prudish, no offense,” Lucy says. “None taken,” I reply and reach for a second slice. “Whaaaaat? You think he just wants sex? Then no. Definitely not! Don’t see him!” Meera decides. “Agreed,” Lucy says.

“Well I kinda agreed to see him,” I reply. “Kinda or did agree?” Lucy demands. “Did,” I reply, a little more meek than usual. “Okay, let’s pretend this a booty call. He sleeps with you and then what?” Lucy asks. “Well, if it gets to that point, we would have sex with each other,” I correct. “Then what?” Lucy asks. “Look, I have plenty of friends who do this and end up as emotional road kill. I think you should ignore him.” “Well I don’t care if she sleeps with him,” Meera says, “but definitely not this soon. He’ll think you are too easy and won’t come back. And with him, I think there is potential. He is PERFECT for you. Well educated, smart, he challenges you, Punjabi, I don’t think you should risk that on a fling."

“I just started dating John and he is great and might even be the one, and because of that I wanted to go slowly and make sure. If Town and Country is as great as Meera says, then you should proceed slowly.” “Well, I have a five date rule, so this date would be four,” I reply. Am I trying to convince them or myself? “I have that rule, too,” Lucy says, “and I recommend sticking by it. You are not a casual girl. He doesn’t sound like someone looking for a relationship. What has he been doing since March? And I REALLY don’t see this ending well for you.”


Lucy said...

Feels like just yesterday...I sound so wise! haha

101 Bad Desi Dates said...

Dear Lucy,

First, I love that you embrace your name!

Second, you are wise -- and a good chum to Desi Girl, and a witty one to boot!

Desi Girl