Monday, November 1, 2010


A few weeks ago I began responding to every other call/text from Dr. Froggy. Soon a week was elapsing between our communications. Evidently this tactic worked because Dr. Froggy was putting some effort into having more interesting conversations and finally suggested getting together.

Text from Dr. Froggy: I was hoping to meet up with you sometime. Between my on-call schedule and condo closing here is my availability: August 2/3, August 16/24, Sept 13/14, Sept 20/21 and Sept 27/28.

I look at the sent details and see Dr. Froggy’s text came the day I was at the beach. How odd that it took so many days to notice. And this time I didn’t mean to ignore him. Maybe this is best. I must purge myself of Town and Country and decide to completely throw myself into REALLY getting to know Dr. Froggy.

And if this works with Dr. Froggy, I will have to move, but I don’t allow myself to focus on the negatives like leaving New York or his nasal voice. So what if he doesn’t read. I remind myself that Dr. Froggy is well educated, so what if he doesn’t travel. I can always see parts of the world that interest me with friends or my cousin. Dr. Froggy is a bit of a workaholic, obsessed with making money. More like, he is obsessed with making sure I know he makes a lot of money. But I let that go too. After all he suggested the meeting.

After living in Minneapolis for all those years and men refusing to come there in winter because it was too cold, or whatever other excuse they came up with, I no longer fly to meet men. If a man wants to meet me, he can fly to Manhattan. My location now trumps every other American City, and gone are the days when I am the beck and call of desi men.

And I truly believe that if a man is serious about a woman, he will come meet her. So I text back.

Text from Desi Girl: Sure, let’s meet.


Anonymous said...

You are damn right your location trumps every other American city! Even in the dead of winter, or the peak of summer, there is no place I'd rather be, NYC! Can't wait to see more of Dr. Frog*$$*ggy. Is he driving up, in his Porsche?

101 Bad Desi Dates said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thanks for the validation! You are right!!! This summer was SO hot it was awful,it made me cranky. And yet I managed to love it. And now that the heat has kicked on, my apartment is like a sauna and I still love it.

Dr. Froggy, yes, he does eventually make it to NYC, stay tuned as to how! :)

Desi Girl