Monday, November 29, 2010


“I need to go to Florida before I come see you,” Dr. Froggy says. We are officially into month four of chatting and I am beyond the stage of “hurry this up and let’s meet already”. I actually think I am entering the stage of, “I don’t care if you come or not”. “What’s in Florida?” I ask. I know he’s building a condo there so he can take long weekends, which I understand. Everyone needs to get away, but would this mean, if this works out, that I would have to go to Florida every month? Because I am not doing that. I'd rather go to Minnesota every month (except January, February and March) and see my family and friends.

“Oh some of my buddies and I bought cases of wine and we can’t send them here, so we had them sent to Florida and I am going to pick them up,” Dr. Froggy explains. “So there is a chance I may have to push my arrival time back on Friday.” This is so annoying. Why is he even bothering to come see me if I am the errand between getting his wine and dropping off his dry cleaning. “Well what time do you think you’re coming? Because if it is too late, is there any point in meeting?” I ask. “Well...I’ll make it work,” he says. “Okay, then I’ll make dinner reservations for Friday. Late like 9 pm sound okay?” “Sounds great,” Dr. Froggy says and hangs up.

Immediately I dial Meera’s number and surprisingly she, the-not-a-phone-person, picks up. “Hey, I was just thinking about you,” she says. “Why?” I ask. Even when I am in a cranky mood, talking to her always makes me feel better. “I was wondering what the status report on Dr. Froggy was,” Meera says. I groan, “Don’t ask I am so irritated with him,” I reply. “I don’t like the sound of that,” she says. “He is supposed to come this weekend and he’s going to Florida before he comes here.” “But he doesn’t live anywhere near Florida,” Meera says. Dr. Froggy currently lives in the same town Meera and Rohit are from (and yes I have asked Meera and Rohit’s families if they of Dr. Froggy and they don’t because Dr. Froggy grew up in a different state). “I know. He is getting wine,” I explain. “They have wine where he lives, I know they do!” Meera says. “I know. Like I said, don’t ask,” I growl.

“I don’t think you should meet him if you sound like this,” Meera says. “Yes, well experience has taught me to keep my options and mind open,” I reply. “Well, I don’t think it will work out if you aren’t even interested in meeting him, let me ask Rohit what he thinks…” Meera says. I hear her explain the situation to her husband who says, “I agree with Desi Girl, he should be putting some effort into this, wine? Get real.” Meera gets back on the phone and I say, “Well, whatever he is coming so I need to plan dinner. Any ideas?” “Yes!” Meera exclaims. “Crispo on 14th Street. It is my new favorite place. And guess what, Rohit and I will crash your date! Tell me what time you’re having dinner and we’ll make reservations for the same time.” “How about 9 pm?” I ask. “Perfect,” Meera says.

Okay, sure, I mean what can go wrong?

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