Thursday, December 30, 2010


The saving grace for this 16-hour non-stop flight from Newark to New Delhi is that I have an aisle seat. However, I am not sure if that will make up for being seated next to a sardarni and her baby. I cannot tell if the child (who is VERY cute and slightly precocious) is a boy or a girl as Sikhs immediately start growing out their kid’s hair.

For the first hour Sardarni doesn’t really chat with me, which is fine. I want sleep the entire way to India so I can sync my body clock with another time zone. I do have to say, I find adjusting to India easier than Europe. I think the 12 hour difference between the States and India is less stress on me physically than the 6 hour difference with Europe.

This being an international flight, the snack service begins as soon as we reach a sensible flying speed and altitude. I order wine and sip it slowly. I will again order wine with dinner and then pop some Benadryl and knock myself out.

Before dinner service begins my neighbor speaks, “Are you traveling alone?” “Yes,” I reply. “You stay in New York?” she asks. “Yes, I’m in the City,” I reply. “We’re in New Jersey,” she shares. “Your child is very cute,” I say. She smiles and shakes her head, “and very naughty.” “What about you? Do you have kids?” she asks. “Nope, I’m not married,” I reply. Immediately she gives me the same sad look the sari-clad aunties gave me at my brother’s wedding, a weak smile followed by the head tilt. It’s like I told her I had AIDS. Or bubonic fever. Geez lady, you can’t catch singletonitis like you do the cold.

This is why I detest Indians and their judgmental ways, and it is in these moments when I am reminded that despite how expensive and hard New York can be, I am so glad I moved here and got away from the desi mentality of the aunties. Which then begs the question, why I am subjecting myself to India if I can’t deal with Indian mentality? Aiy!


Samosas For One said...

Amen sister!

101 Bad Desi Dates said...

Dear Samosas for One,

Agreed! :)

Desi Girl

p.s. sorry for the delay, I CHILLED yesterday, watched TV and read ... that was SOOOO nice!

chai garam garam said...

My question will be why your are subjecting yourself to only desi dates, when you can't handle the desi mentality.

101 Bad Desi Dates said...

Dear Chai Garam Garam -

You ask a great question. I feel like I have met un-desi mentality desis - men and women. As well as the uber desis.

I guess I kinda thought there were more peeps out there like me, Rohit, Meera, my brother, etc. ....