Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I don’t care what anyone says. I can do this. It cannot be THAT hard to fall in love with anyone, much less Dr. Froggy. It HAS to be a mind over matter issue. After all, my relationship with Meera one of best-est friends didn’t happen overnight. A friendship like ours was cultivated for almost – 20 years – dear God, have I really known her for almost 2 decades? And, well look at that? With her in it, my life is better and richer, so see there is something about allowing time to run its course.

I flop onto my bed and dial Dr. Froggy’s number. We have had short, in passing, conversations since my return. This has been mostly due to the misalignment of our schedules. But earlier today I texted him to see if he’d be around tonight, testing the waters since our make out session a few weeks ago was AWKWARD. He replied very excitedly and mentioned he had no plans for the entire evening.

The phone rings a few times before he picks up. “Hey, how you doin’?” he asks in the manner of Joey Tribiani from Friends. “Good, whacha doin'?" I ask. “Some stuff around the house….” “Has the contractor completed everything?” I ask quickly. Pause, looooong pause. “Hello?” I ask. “Uhm, no….” “I see,” I say. Silence. “Go ahead, say it,” Dr. Froggy says. “Say what?” I ask. “Come on I know you have a lecture in there about how I’m being soft and then stupid for not having this written in stone…”

I laugh. It feels good to laugh when it comes to this man. I feel like I spend all my time trying to force myself into liking him that I should take a Desi Girl Xanax and let it happen at its pace. There is potential in everything, this is the joy of life – possibilities. “I am not going to lecture you,” I say and giggle. “But you want to,” he adds dryly. I laugh again, only harder. “Not, now maybe later….” It’s his turn to laugh, deep, rich and genuine.

“Going forward, maybe I should be the one responsible for the important things like food and shelter, whaddaya say?” I ask. You can also tell a little about a man’s level of interest when you suggest future meetings and opportunities. “Sounds like a plan,” he replies. “Great…and speaking of future plans, I think you should come to Minnesota and meet my friends and family. I’ve met yours.” “Sounds good,” he replies.

Why can’t everything be this easy? Because, ah! Finally! we have had a great conversation.

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