Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Hands down an INCREDIBLY attractive, divorced, decade older than me Punjabi man has accepted interest. To call him attractive is understatement; from his photo he is GORGEOUS. Almost too good-looking for his own good. This has me thinking two things. (1) why is someone SO handsome single and (2) why would someone THAT good looking be interested in me?

I don’t mean this as a compliment seeking comment. “Oh Desi Girl don’t say that, you’re attractive too.” I know that I can hold my own, but not in that earth-shattering, time stands still, Aishawarya Rai, Miss World way. And in my desi experience the “too-good-looking-for-their-own-good-guys” generally seek the “too-pretty-skinny-for-their-own-good-girls”. And looks aside, we have begun courting through email, flirting over chai and mocking our inner-Punju.

Email from Chai-walla: Dear Desi Girl: Being a Sardarjee, I took your masala chai to Minneapolis and now its Iced Tea – still interested? Regards, Chai-walla

Email from Desi Girl: Oiy Sardarji ....sardarni here (This is actually not true. I am only half sardarni. Mom’s family is Hindu. Dad’s is Sikh. And if Chai-walla is a Sikh, he is a clean-cut Sardar.) I am thinking you are very dirty boy. I am waiting, waiting, waiting. Over 48 hours has come and gone with no future masala chai plans in sight. Please kindly tell me what type of desi cannot tiffinwala some chai across the island for my inner maharani? Regards, Sardarni

Email from Chai-walla: Hi  Memsahib - Got your message..still working away and won’t be done till late..will call to see if you are still up else tomorrow. Best, Sardarjee waiting for midnight.

Email from Desi Girl: Sardarji - On phone w/Bangalore Cousin. I should be up at midnight for chai.

Email from Chai-walla: Can we meet for chai on Saturday?

How unexpected, in five emails, Chai-walla has asked me, the non-tea-drinker, on a date.

Email from Desi Girl: Sure. Saturday afternoon would be nice.

Nice indeed! 


Anonymous said...

YAY xx


101 Bad Desi Dates said...

Dear Milly -

Yay indeed! :)

Desi Girl