Wednesday, May 11, 2011


“I think we should live together,” Ainsley Ayers (Posts 333, 317, 310, 307, 306, 254, 222, 187, 182, 172, 167, 166, 164, 147, 140, 136, 135, 134, 114 and 111) says to me. We’re having drinks and french fries, catching up on life.

She is still with her fireman beau, which is great. He is the nicest, kindest soul. She is still working for the retailer, no exactly loving her job. But it pays the rent and let’s her be an urban foodie, on a budget of course. I, too, like to eat, but my weakness is clothes, handbag and shoes. And I am not just “into” designer labels. I like, what looks nice on me. I like shoes that are sexy and comfortable – a tall order for a stiletto and probably the reason I am not fawning all over Jimmy Choo. And I really like handbags that no one else has. This is why I ask Ainsley to get my tote bags from her retailer, because they come in great prints and really affordable because she lets me use her discount.

And if I could have one signature piece (handbag, shoes, jewelry, watch) I’d get pass on the Birkin and Rolex, and get a signature ring (not wedding or engagement) from Harry Winston. That is what I would like. A timeless piece of jewelry.

Back in the real world, I focus on Ainsley and her proposition. “Here is my fear. You and I get along great, better than great. What happens if we ruin our relationship by living together?” I ask. “We won’t. We’ll never see each other. I spend my weekends in Queens. You work from home. Our apartment would have city views that ALWAYS make us happy. Plus Long Island City is CLOSER to EVERYTHING than where you live in the Heights,” Ainsley shares. This is true, I am sure there are parts of the other boros that are closer to Midtown than where I am at, on the Isle of Manhattan.

“It is a brand new building, has a gym on the premises, an AWESOME grocery store next door, and did I mention, out the window, past the East River and poof we SEE Manhattan!” Ainsley says. Clearly she has spent a lot of time thinking about this. “And you have furniture, I don’t. I have a TV, you don’t. You have dishes and appliances, I don’t. There is laundry in the building…” Well now she has me, laundry. “I know your Mom will visit, and my sister will come from Texas to see me, so we both are fine with visitors. I am sure the rent is $3000 – but if we split it – it is $1500 per girl….” Ainsley says.  “Why not, let’s see it,” I reply.

“Great, how about Saturday, I made a tentative appointment,” she suggests. “I have a date at noon,” I reply.  “Another one?” she asks. “And I will get access to all your stories in real time!” Ainsley says and laughs. “Come to my apartment in the Village, around 8 am. And I’ll have my boyfriend drive us to Queens and he can bring you back to the City for your date,” she says. “Sounds great,” I reply. “I love this. We are both so OCD, we’re going to get along great!” Ainsley declares and raises her glass.


Adventurous Ammena said...

woah $1500 each.... ouch thats pricey

101 Bad Desi Dates said...

Dear Adventurous Ammena -

I know! The cost to live here is INSANE. I was paying almost $1500 to live alone, but that is what is costs to live in Manhattan or have Manhattan views.

Desi Girl