Thursday, June 2, 2011


When I finally arrive into Port Authority I rush to the 44th Street exit and hurry up to Eighth Avenue. As soon as my phone connects with the satellites it starts buzzing like it just had electric shock therapy. I have missed text messages and phone calls from You-May-Have-Contacted-Me. Poor guy. I am 45 minutes late.

As I scamper down the street to Ninth Avenue, I text him back: Apologies! Massive Train Delay. Two Minutes away. I get to Kemia, find him and sit down. I cannot tell how tall he is, but he’s decent looking, black hair, dark eyes, tan skin.

“I was getting worried,” he says after I order a martini. “I know – I am SO sorry – but for some reason the train kept stopping at each stop,” I reply and sit back into my chair, so relieved to finally be here. “So how is working in New York?” I ask. He shrugs and leans back. “It’s fine for a few weeks. Never want to live here – this place is nuts,” You-May-Contacted-Me says. “Yeah, it’s not for everyone,” I reply.

“Do you know what I like?” he asks. I flinch, when it comes to desi dating, sometimes I never know what these guys will say or do – some of them are a little pervy. “What?” I ask slowly. “True Religion jeans,” he says dreamily. Okay, I can handle this. “There are outlets in Long Island, we should go,” he suggests. “How, we’d need a car,” I reply. “So we rent one,” he replies. “Do you like True Religion Jeans?” he asks. Clearly, because I am sitting on my ass, he cannot see that I cannot wear those designer jeans made for skinny girls. I am little more J-Lo than Cami Diaz, so I wear Jessica Simpson (another curvy, but short woman) jeans. “True Religion jeans are fine, but I don’t wear them,” I finally reply. “Do you wear jeans?” he asks. “Yes, when I feel like it,” I reply. He laughs.

“Do you think you’d ever want to live in India?” he asks. “No,” I reply immediately. He smirks. “Okay, so you have been asked this before,” he says and chuckles. “When I used to stay in Mumbai, Sachin and I used to race Lamborghinis,” he says very seriously.

All righty then. I can only presume when he says Sachin, You-May-Have-Contacted-Me is referring to India’s number one cricketer, Sachin Tendulkar. And while I am sure Sachin has to be friends with non-cricket players, I am just having a tough time with the entire statement. Wants to buy discount designer jeans in Long Island outlets. Racing Lamborghinis in crowded Mumbai? With someone as famous as Kevin Garnett.

Check please. Even if it is true, my gut says that this sounds too sensational, even for this Desi Girl who has an overly active imagination and lives through bomb scares in New York.


Sunny said...

I think when he said Lamborghini, he meant Indian Lamborghini, which is the 3 wheel autorikshaw; and technically he never said sachin tandulkar, it could be Sachin the slumdog.
Also, you knew about the Religion jeans, I thought it was fringe group, like Mormans or something.

Anonymous said...

Well, you can't hold that against him. May be his family in India is loaded, or he was best buddies with Sachin as a kid. Sachin's a very very nice guy you know. And as for desis, they can be cheap even if they splurge on other things... I have seen this many times esp with loaded multi-millionaires, they still get excited about free stuff or great deals.
But, I agree, a strange thing to say on a first date so early in the conversation.

-- aj.

101 Bad Desi Dates said...

Dear Sunny -

I chuckled at your rickshaw comment - but I think he meant real sports cars. You are right, he elude, not specify, but who else would he refer to and think that I would know? I man an American Desi Girl with scant knowledge of things like cricket? I barely follow American football!

Yes I know designer jeans, premium denim, bc I have several thin and skinny friends who have REALLY nice and expensive jeans, in brands that I cannot wear bc the jeans are not cut for girls with curves.

Desi Girl

101 Bad Desi Dates said...

Dear AJ -

Def you are right, and I dont fault him - I just it was odd to tell me. It had faint reminder of Dr. Froggy to it. I hope he is friends with Sachin, bc agreed, seems like a really nice fellow.

I think it is great if he is loaded, but I would think he'd want me to like him for him, not his money, friends, connections, etc.

Desi Girl