Sunday, July 10, 2011


Flyboy has called a couple of times. And I have an emotional quandary going on here. On one hand I like that he is a non-traditional desi man, it leads me to believe that I won’t spend my life with an ego-maniacal desi dude whose mother raised him to think himself a demi-god. (And believe me I know all desi men are not like this - my brother and Rohit and a bunch of guys from college I know are totally normal, decent dudes). 

Flyboy seems to like to chat on the phone. A lot. Maybe in addition to getting shyer I am getting anti-social as I age.

And something about Flyboy has triggered uneasiness in my gut. And I never ignore my gut, except when it comes to desi men. So I resort to sending him an email, which begins an interchange of pithy little notes back and forth from our blackberries. Between emails I sift through my short stories and all the versions of the back cover I have written over the past few years. I am getting ready for my meeting with the Alumni who has agreed to meet me tomorrow.

He pings me again and this time he asks when I might be free to meet for lunch. Oh boy, I think. I should at least meet him. So I flip through my daily planner and suggest a Saturday three weeks from today. I have a happy hour at the rooftop bar at the Metropolitan Museum of Art that day, so that means I have a clean alibi to leave, if I need the escape.

He writes back and says the date sounds great and I can select a spot the closer we get to game day. He is lucky that “game day” is one of the few sports analyses I understand.


Sunny said...

"Saturday, three weeks from today". This is the part that I hate the most about LA and I am sure it is the same in NYC.

I rebel against this all the time. If I suggest a meeting and somebody says "Saturday three weeks from today", I smile, accept the date and email a week later saying that I need to move it, perhaps three weeks from that time.

Between breakfast, lunch, coffee, early drinks, dinner and after dinner drink, if they can't take the time to fit me in, chances are I am wasting my time with them.

If your curiosity can wait 3 weeks from Saturday, are you really curious about it?

I know, it is a part of modern living with a lot of juggling. I am sure I have been guilty of the same things too. But doesn't mean I hate it any less.

But I like the introspection twist that this has taken.

Did you really mean to unleash three posts today or was it an accident.

In my view, you will succeed in your writing quest, mainly because the consistency in writing. The archive of each month shows 22 posts, meaning a deliberate steady progress. Most people have such a hard time with that.

Hope you are having a good summer.

101 Bad Desi Dates said...

Dear Sunny -

You are TOTALLY right about three weeks from Saturday being lame-lame-lame. And I never to this with my "peeps". In fact there was one incident when Meera locked herself out of her apartment and I left my function on the East side to go to her apartment on the west side bc I had their spare keys. I didn't listen to my gut so my gut got mad and pushed back. I was not juggling - I was avoiding.

And yes I did mean to unleash 3 posts yesterday. Two are tech last Thurs and Friday but I got into a tech war and the tech won ... blah, blah - so now I am back into the rhythm.

Thanks for your kind words about my efforts - whatever road I am mean to take, I will get there :)

How is your summer? Mine is alright, cannot complain!

More soon.

Desi Girl