Saturday, July 16, 2011


The following morning I come out of the shower and see that I have a missed call. I listen to my voicemail. It’s Flyboy. He’s apologizing. But he has to cancel our date.

Evidently he needs to take his mother to funeral at 2 pm - today. I can only presume that since Flyboy and his family are Hindu and Hindus cremate their deceased, that Flyboy and his mother are attending last respects for a non-desi. Which is completely fine. However, what I wonder is, Western funerals require preparation and this person would have had to have died at  least five to seven days ago. Which has me wondering – did Flyboy know before today that he had to attend a funeral? And is he using this funeral as an excuse to get out of our date? This is fine if he does want to date me.

However, I have never had anyone use someone else’s death as a way to get out of date; then again this guy was kinda belligerent on the phone when he went off the deep end over my area code. And then he accused me of “chasing the dream” – a white picket fence life in the ‘burbs. It is rather ironic, that was something we had in common, lifestyle alignment, kinda an important thing, too. Oh well. It is fine – this is not meant to be.

I pad into my bedroom to dry my hair. I come back 20 minutes later with killer hair. I could almost stop traffic with these locks. I see two missed text messages. Both are from Flyboy. One is stating that he has to cancel because he has to take his mother to a funeral. The second is to make sure I received his two messages.

I quickly gather my things and umbrella. Looks like rain is coming. I will text Flyboy once I am downtown. I have four hours to run six errands before meeting my friends at the Met for drinks and I am already running late.


mybeadifullife said...

i hope it ends well!! what confusing texts. i hate mixed messages.

101 Bad Desi Dates said...

Dear My Beadifullife -

Mixed messages is the least of my issues with this nut. Bad Desi Girl for ignoring her gut. Stay tuned.