Thursday, August 18, 2011


My phone is ringing. I glance over at the number. I am not really in the mood to chat – I kinda feel like I am becoming antisocial in my “old age”. And I am also having a mood that it depends on who is calling – that will I pick up.

I have some friends who like to talk for three hours. About themselves.  And I have some friends who like to set their lives on fire and then pretend that they want me to fix their mess, but really they want negative attention. And I have a few friends for whom I have to carry the conversation. So all of this is mentally draining when I am toting my own bag of nonsense. However, when I see Tate’s name flash by, I feel relieved and pick up.

“Hey Tate!” I say. “Hey – so how are you?” she asks. “I just got my renewal from my greedy landlord,” I say. “What do they want?” she asks. “$1450.” I reply. “To live WAY up there? I think it is time for Desi Girl to bounce,” she says. “I agree,” I reply. “Where are you thinking?” she asks. “I have no idea – first I need find a notary of the public,” I say. “Why?” she asks. “The landlord requires a notarized, in writing letter stating that I am moving out – and I am don’t want to pay the $10 to a notary,” I say.

“I’ll help you find a notary…does that crazy woman with the zoo still live there?”  Tate asks. “Yep – she is rent stabilized. I am sure she pays $500 to live in this building,” I mutter. “Hhhmm,” Tate says. “What?” I ask. “You know – the price of gold is pretty high these days,” Tate says. “And?”  I ask. “You’re Indian and wear 22 karat gold.  Do you have any gold jewelry you don’t want? I bet you any jeweler with half a brain will buy it from you,” Tate says.

Hhhmm. I wonder how much I could make if the jeweler had a whole brain!  This may be an excellent way to fund my ramen noodle and $4 bottle wine lifestyle. I shall investigate new forms of funding Desi Girl’s life in the recession.

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