Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I wake up the next morning – at 6 am – and bolt of out bed. I have 45 minutes to get ready. While I don’t need to be cute for Town and Country, I want to be cute. I have not actually SEEN him in several months, I think seven months – so I am at least happy that I am not a heifer. I am at a weight where I still feel good about myself. Which is good. When I feel bad about myself – that is when I get myself into trouble.

I shower and race around the apartment looking for shoes, a handbag, my cell phone and those effing keys that I can NEVER find. This has been an issue for me decades. Lost keys. I would lose them in my parents’ house, my condo in Minneapolis, and once in the mall (turns out they weren't really lost, so much as buried in the bottom of my extra-large, over-stuffed purse - ask Desi Brother about that one). And now in my WAY small Manhattan apartment, I lose my keys on a weekly basis. I think this is "my thing" - losing keys - they could be stapled to my head and I’d probably lose my keys.

Luckily this gives me time to decide on a black pencil skirt (cannot go wrong with this … ever … even on a fat day) and a dressy black and white horizontal striped three-quarter length tee.  Normally I would not suggest that anyone larger than a size 2 (and I am no size 2) where horizontal striped tees, but this one, if you can believe it, makes me look slim. Whatever – I will take it! I whip open the closet and pull on my strappy black heels and am all set for my … well not a date … my meeting with Town and Country. I manage to look date-able in 37 minutes – a record for Desi Girl. Normally it takes me 75 minutes to be date ready.

I even have enough time to get a venti, skim, 4 equal 'bux before hopping on the A train. Life is back on track!

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