Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I pull my notebook from my bag and Town and Country stops to look at it. “Very nice,” he says. “It’s Gaudi. From Spain,” I reply. He nods appreciatively – at what I do not know. That he likes the notebook or that he likes that the notebook is Gaudi and from Spain or what. And from where and why I decided to tell him that it was Gaudi and from Spain is beyond me. I went to Spain in 2003 – the last vacation I went on. Yes, I went to India in 2008 – but I assure you – that was NO vacation.

I lightly toss the tape measure from one hand to the other (this is about as sporty as I get) and peer into the kitchen for rats. Town and Country has switched on the light and stands next to me. He does not wear cologne. Pity – I ADORE a good smelling man, and if he is in a suit – swooooon. So perhaps it is good that Town and Country is not wearing cologne or a suit – for my sake.

“I have traps,” he says. “Excuse me?” I ask, I am still wondering if he is talking about trapping the rats, or me. “For the rats, they won’t bother you,” he assures. “They won’t come out during the day,” he reassures. Phew – on both accounts, no trapping me, not seeing rats.

I quickly sketch out the kitchen. Then I pull the dumb end of the tape measure (where 0 would be) and hand it to him. “What am I to do with this?” he asks. “Hold it,” I reply and begin taking length and width measurements. I measure the cabinets, sink, stove, fridge and floor-to-height dimension. OMG. Look at me – maybe I could have done this for a living. Once the measurements are mapped out I turn and face Town and Country.

“What’s your vision?” I ask. “Or are you open?” He raises a brow. I quickly add, “….to ideas about the kitchen.” He smirks. “They have these soup to nuts kitchen stores in the City. What do you think of them?” he asks. Hhhmm – this is the first I am hearing of such a concept – I can only assume that they are high end. “Let me do some research,” I suggest.

He nods and goes to the computer in the dining room. “Come, help me select a toilet,” he says.


Adventurous Ammena said...

a toilet? My Lord... why wont he stop!!

Sunny said...

I don't trust Punhabi guys. I know, I am one of them. Oh webs that we weave..
It all sounds like business, but it is designed for the business of knowing somebody in a non-dating environment, hoping to find the true person unvarnished by the make up of dating scene. Yup, been there, done that.
So in the next meeting, he'd say: "you don't have a place to move to? You are welcome to stay here, while you find something".. Not in a sexual way, but more in terms of finding out compatibility and interest and potential.
Under dressing and under perfuming is a part of the process.
This is about keeping control of the situation too. This way he can see you four or five times without the awkwardness of dating, if it works, the trap is already set; if it doesn't 'fine, thanks for helping me with the kitchen".

I am just waiting for him to say, its lunch time, lets go grab something. He is generous and friendly, but believe you me, I don't take my architect out to lunch as often, unless the architect is a pretty desi girl, looking sharp in a pencil skirt and exuding sexiness by being confident, witty and smart.

Dhak-Dhak Girl said...

I think it's time to ask your family or mutual friends for news about Tapan. He's the nicest, best guy you've ever mentioned on this blog.

101 Bad Desi Dates said...

Dear Adventurous Ammena -

I dont know why he wont stop - but maybe I shd be asking why I wont stop. AIY!

Desi Girl

101 Bad Desi Dates said...

Dear dear dear Sunny -

I think you are so right about what is going on here - yes I think you are right. I think this was a way fo have a relationship without having a relationship - it is intimate without being emotionally messy bc you can always default to "this is business, never meant to lead you on, blah blah blah."

And I am SURE he is keeping control - he has had most of the control for most of this "relationship" and since he has the money too - he has all the power.

He gets what he wants - some companionship without ANY of the work.

I think I should look for a nice white boy from Iowa or a nice South Indian boy.

Desi Girl

101 Bad Desi Dates said...

Dear Dhak Dhak Girl -

Ah yes he was VERY nice. I missed that boat bc of this stupid Town and Country obsession.

There was a guy I met that I never blogged about - I wonder about him - we met at bar while I was dating Reindeer (Posts in the 80s) I think I may have blogged about going on a date with him while Reindeer was celebrating his 40th bday - I cannot remember - but he was SOOOOOO nice.

I think about him now in real time - but 3 years have gone by - I wonder if he is married or if I shd reach out - I dont know.

Desi Girl