Sunday, October 30, 2011


Mrs. Rama Rao makes good time. I hardly notice the 30 minutes that elapse as Rama Rao and I make small talk. I learn that he and the Mrs. have lived in Asia and across the States as he gone from programs, residency and jobs. And he is indeed a doctor, which I assumed since he works about 10 blocks from here, but he confirmed it. It is quite possible that he was a hospital administrator, you know. Not all desis are doctors.

When I buzz Mrs. Rama Rao into the apartment, she is NOTHING like I expected. First, she’s not a desi, she is an adorable cherub of a Southern Belle. She’s about my height, has shoulder length wavy hair, the kind that knows how and where to fall into place, brown eyes, pale skin and is curvy.

“Hi, so nice to meet you,” she gushes. She, like her husband, look like they are five years old. I presume they have to be at least 25-30 if he is a doctor. But they seriously look like they are 19 years old and look too young to be married. “Nice to meet you as well,” I reply and escort her in. Her eyes light up when she enters, I presume from seeing her husband, or maybe the couch. “Oh my gosh,” she drawls and flops onto the couch.

She has such a GREAT spirit and energy that I feel certain she would be someone I’d be friends with. She reminds of me Tate --- though I think Tate from Texas would ask if she could sit on the couch first.

“Oh my GOSH! This couch is so great.  You don’t even know what we have looked at and what couches cost, and you’re selling the whole set for less than what a couch at Macy’s costs! Did Rama tell you that we only want…” she begins. “Ah, honey,” he interjects. He clears his voice and says, “We were thinking, given the size of our place, we really only need the couch and ottoman…” he begins and stops. Ah, yes, desi bartering. Not that I would do differently.  “We were thinking if the whole set is $900, we’d take the couch and ottoman for $600?” he suggests. Well, at least he is not cheap.

“Sure,” I reply. Besides, who the hell has enough space in New York for an over-stuffed, four-piece living room set? And if people have that kind of space, they are NOT coming to the Heights for a sofa!

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