Thursday, December 22, 2011


All - 

This is not a post. I am resetting expectations.

Let me begin with, these are life experiences that I have gone through over the past several years. I contacted a marketing communications professional and there is nothing that forbids blogging as a form of storytelling.  Storytelling about past events doesn’t mean advice shouldn’t be given or that it is no longer of value.  What do you think books are about? They are not happening as you read them. 

Despite the level of sheer nastiness that was I was subjected to, I am not going to stop blogging, memoir-ing, or whatever you want to call it. I never lied, again refer to Post 52. And if you don’t like the blog – then just don’t read.

For those who read from the beginning and missed that it was about past events, I am genuinely sorry for that, there was no intent to mislead. I am going to edit Post Number 1 so it is clear from the onset that this about past events. Yes, I do understand that responding to the comments was a challenge due to the past-present issue, again my intent was never to mislead. 

The comments are now being monitored.  



Unknown said...

Just a note of support. People who complain about the format of the blog have no imagination.

If this blog is misleading, then every fiction writing is misleading. If this blog is misleading, then every episode of a day time drama is misleading.

In fact, I think it is a tribute to your prowess of writing that so may people started thinking that it was happening live and they felt the emotions you were feeling. And being able to do that is amazing.

If somebody paints a flower, and if it so remarkably done that you reach out and try to touch it; is that misleading? To me it show how skilled the painter is.

Please continue posting in the same format as you are doing now.

This is called "History Live" or "live blogging history".

101 Bad Desi Dates said...

Dear Unknown --

Thank you for your very kind note of support. Thank you for your compliments about the content and my skill. Your image about the flower is so beautiful.

I shall continue on. I have edited Post 1. I will continue to post next week and into 2012. The story is not over and I am not done.


Elizabeth said...

I have read your blog since I found it, so a long time. I remember seeing your entry that stated that these entries were not happening at present but were from the past.

You have my support! Because even though you have experienced these in the past it does almost feel like a story which is even better! I always come onto your blog to see if another bit of the story is revealed :) I think your blog can relate to a lot of people since some girls or guys have had a "Town and Country in their life" at some point,I know I have :P boo.

Keep on truckin' you have a reader/support from me.

Sara said...

I read from the beginning, and it was clear to me that things were happening in the past. I will say that it was difficult to track the timeline, and I would have appreciated more timeposts. However, I also assumed (or perhaps read?) that your intent was to someday turn this blog into a book, or at least use this as practice for writing a novel. An active voice is quite common in those formats, so it makes sense that you would want to write each post as if it were currently happening.

Changing the first post should be plenty, but you could also add an "about" section that explains your blog. Your writing style and story are quite compelling, so it's understandable why people would want to jump right in and give advice/support without taking time to read through the whole history.

I agree with Unknown that it's a tribute to your prowess! It's what keeps me reading, even when the action is slow and I want to strangle some men.

Reva said...

It's ridiculous that someone would be nasty to you because they didn't realize the format of this blog..
Any sensible person would emphatise with you and admire that the way you make it so interesting to read.

VIC SEMBI said...

No one is saying that they have no imagination, its nothing to do with imagination, we have all read a fiction book.

It is nothing to do with how realistic the "flower" is.

There are people who genuinely thought that this was happening "real time" they were leaving comments as if she was living these experiences as and now, and then she was replying them back giving the impression that she was going through the experience as and now.

She mentions that she made a post #52 which she had mentioned that this was 2 years ago, so its all our fault that we didn't happen to go right from the start to read this post.

Its not like she reenacting the civil war and we thought oh we're in the middle of the American Civil War no.

I genuinely felt duped, if I knew that this was happening two years ago then I wouldn't left comments.

Its evident that her attitude was that if the reader thinks that this is real time, then why don't I just play along.

If you don't believe why don't you go back to the comments in the previous posts and re read them.

Its silly how she is trying to defend her self "oh i spoke to a marketing company and they said that a blog doesn't have to be real time" duh nobody said that to but at least be honest with your readers.

Its like she unable to defend her actual actions so shes coming up with every excuse as possible.

If its is Live History Blogging then at least let your readers f**king know then.

VIC SEMBI said...

you probably wont post my comment because any level of criticism you cant handle

101 Bad Desi Dates said...

Dear Elizabeth --

Thank you for your comment --- I appreciate the support, and agree, there is more than you and me out there with a T&C.


p.s truckin' and more is comin'!

101 Bad Desi Dates said...

Dear Sara --

Thanks and thanks and thanks. I can certainly fix the sharing the time line. I wish I had known that you had wanted more of that. I would have been more than happy to include that. I have gone back and edited Post One.

The blog is literally two years behind but I am blogging in 2012 and speeding up time, so your time line wish is being fulfilled!


101 Bad Desi Dates said...

Dear Reva --

Thanks, your comment is very appreciated.

I was telling my friend that if there is one person out there who is interested, then I'll keep writing. So more is coming.


101 Bad Desi Dates said...

Dear Vic Sembi --

I am VERY sorry that you feel duped and were so upset. I really really am.

I understand your comment about the comments and how you never would have made them had you known, but how could I have known when you started reading, stopped reading. I am very sorry that you did not read at the beginning or Post 52, but I honestly dont know who has read what. This is not a cop out -- it is the truth, I dont know when and what anyone has read. I made comments to the comments as they were. I realize that a disconnect with the time occurred and created this. I am going to edit the time line and hope to clear this up going forward -- I understand that you are upset and this may not matter to you and that you are done reading -- but I can only change things once I learn them.

I contacted the marketing company bc one of the super rude commenters told me I had no idea what I was doing -- but I asked PR folks and my blogging teacher when I started about this.

My intent was never to dupe. And I am going to work on the timeline this week and go back and make edits. Bc your point is valid what happens if you start at 123 or 457.


101 Bad Desi Dates said...

Dear Vic Sembi ---

I have no issue with criticism. And your prev comment to this post is not criticism. Your point about the comments and time is valid. Something I am addressing going forward.

I do have major issue to being called swear words, fat, an old auntie and that strange, deranged rant about the Iphone. These vulgar and seventh grade posts will be deleted. They add no value. They are not discussion.

I do have to say to the person / persons who wrote such hate and venom. When you put that kind of nasty out there, watch out when that karma comes back for you. it comes back with an unimaginable vengeance.

Vic --- again, I am very sorry to you.


mws said...

DG, I've had a blog since before they were called blogs, and I love yours. Yours is one of the only ones I read. The time shift was clear to me, and I'm fine with it. I missed what happened with the comments, I only want to say that I hope you stick with all of it. --molly

carvaka said...

i am reading this blog for last few months, almost regularly . though never commented or read the comment section.

I must say you write very well. and shouldn't stop writing because of the comment section. we need every type to make the world go round.

victoriaG said...

Dear DG,
Keep chugging!
Venom is unnecessary, I agree.
I have to say, you are a very big person for leaving comments that critque you, as above. It shows that you are listening to your readers and genuinely want the best.
-another supporter of your work

101 Bad Desi Dates said...

Dear victoriaG --

Happy New Year!

Thanks so much for your note. I am trying to respond to comments, adn fret not, I am chuggin'!! :) I have put a lot of time and effort into this blog, so it matters to me. I do want the best, so venom be damned! There is no stoppin' me!