Sunday, January 8, 2012


I have made some progress thus far in reference to my resolutions.

For my mind and body, over the course of the past four days, I have taken one spin class, two zumba classes (both zumba classes confirm that I can’t perform any dance other than bhangra --- unrelatedly, while fun, zumba is a major workout!), and one pilates class.I take a ballet class on Saturday. God help me, grace I ain't got. And I doubt my tippy toes want to support my body weight, but alas we will see! I looked into a yoga studio too, but that monthly membership costs more than my gym membership. Since I have made no progress on the job front yet, I am in no position to bandy about with my money.

It has been weeks, three I would guess since I have heard from Town and Country. No longer do the sharp edges and daggers of his words sting,  Yes you can be honest. You know. I do lots of nice things for people. No one has ever done this to me. I don’t need this from you. I don’t need friends like you. If you need thank you then you can go.”

Getting into a friendship/relationship/whatever the hell that was over text messages was a first. And I think he absolutely over-reacted. He went ape shit over "thank you"? Don't normal people say thank you, please adn you're welcome? Maybe it was good to see the un-hinged side of Mr. Successful Businessman. I mean there was the smart, funny, witty, generous side. And the physical attraction. But this was good, letting my attraction for him roll around in the ugly and jaggedness of his darkness. And you know what, I doubt I would ever really be ready to meet someone else with the lingering possibility of Town and Country lurking. Now that that door is shut, maybe a new door is opening to the possibilities.

Time too has been good for me. I have gone through the cycle of emotions. Heartbreak, sadness, some denial, loss, grief, acceptance, hope and finally being able to force myself back into the world of dating. Which is what Siobhan and I are doing tomorrow. We are going down to Wall Street, to Harry’s and maybe Ulysses Folk House on Stone Street.  Ulysses is not of my fave places, but if that is where the men are I will give it a go. I am willing to try anything once (as long as it is not illegal or maims me).

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