Monday, January 30, 2012


I don’t notice that January has slipped into February and that tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. It has been a long, long, long time since I have had a date on Valentine’s Day. Fret not, yes oh yes, I got love today. Desi Niece and Desi Mom send me paper valentines in the mail. The one from Desi Mom included $10, which I find, cute, heart-warming and so typical Mom. Just a little something to let me know she is thinking of me.

When I was in college, my sorority sisters and I, who did not have dates on Valentine’s Day, had a “Lonely Hearts Club” where we were one another’s dates. It was fun, just to get a group of gals together and be girls. I think that is one of the great things about being a girl, you never stop having meaningful, fundamental and relationships with women.

This year, I am spending Valentine’s Day alone. But that is fine. I am having a fundamental relationship with myself --- so far, I can’t complain, 2010 is going great. I am deeply engrossed in my writing classes, blogging, and writing. I have gotten into a massive fitness kick, working out six days a week. The weight machines at my new gym are not nearly as nice as Planet Fitness, but I am making due. I cut out the alcohol again and am completely focused on writing and working out. I think I should investigate bringing mediation, yoga and green tea into my life. It is possible that I am moving towards a state of Zen?


Falling Up said...

Dear Desi Girl, long time no post, I just wanted to check in and see if you are okay.

FormerTechie said...

Write DG write !! :) :) :)

- The Geek Guy from Bangalore

PS:Am sure a whole lot of things happening that's holding you back from posting as frequently as per your recent resolution .... :)

PPS: Considering my google account display name, I should be signing off as 'The ex-geek guy from Bangalore' !!

101 Bad Desi Dates said...

Dear Falling Up!

VERY SORRY!!!! for the delay! Have been traveling for a work meeting, good meeting, LONG hours :) but alas I am returning home today and will resume posting this weekend, thanks so much for your concern!

More is coming, I promise!


101 Bad Desi Dates said...

Dear FormerTechie / The Geek Guy or Ex-Geek Guy from B'lore!

Oh it is just work that kept me very busy this week, I promise I am coming back with full force!

More soon, thanks so much to you and Falling Up for your note :)stay tuned!!!