Sunday, March 28, 2010


The 4 days, 96 hours 5,760 minutes between Reindeer’s call and our next date, tick by SOOOO slowly. The last time I felt attraction and connection so strong was when my path collided with Kehar Singh  (Post 4).

As I get ready I am giddy (and empowered from the departure from drinking). I remind myself that I will eventually have to reign in this Reindeer excitement, but for now, I release and dance around the apartment. For this date I abide the teachings of the fashionistas and select a fitted white sleeveless linen shell and pair it with a white flowy skirt embroidered with red flowers and green leaves along the bottom. My shoes are sexy brass colored strappy four-inch sandals. Prepare to be shocked, they are amazingly comfortable. I can (and have) walked 20 blocks in them.

An hour before the date I leave my apartment (commute time and 5 minutes for getting lost). When I get 28th Street and Park Avenue, I head west instead of east. I have not mastered direction when I reappear from the subway. I arrive at Chennai Garden and Reindeer sees me. His smile fills up his cheeks, and his teeth, while not straight are very bright and balance his large (because his hair is receding) forehead. He stows his Blackberry and gets up to peck me on the cheek. He has a nice 5’-10” build, strong and masculine. Love the biceps! He wears a button-down with rolled sleeves and dress pants.

We review the menu and I decide on my usual paper plain dosa (typical and infamous South Indian crepes made from rice flower and lentils, and then filled with a “masala” a spiced potato mixture). When Reindeer learns my intent, he insists I try something new and offers to select things for us to share. SWOON!

Over dinner he shares how he considered a desi military career so seriously that he took a two-day train trip from Delhi to Bangalore. But his eyes were too weak for the Air Force. So he came to America for graduate study.

After dinner we retire to the Brasil Coffee House and I insist on paying. I am really bad at accepting gifts. I once refused a friend who tried to buy me a $2 croissant. Reindeer and I sit down at a window seat. I turn my body towards him and cross my legs, creating open body language (teachings from 'How to Make Anyone Fall in Love with You'). He tells me about moving from “down south” to New York with a woman. She got into graduate school and he not only followed her to the City, but into her apartment. In addition to living in sin, he recalls buying pot in Washington Square Park. Okay, then, good to know you were once a stoner.

It matters not. I’m totally interested and beyond smitten. For a change, I know Date Three is imminent.

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