Tuesday, March 30, 2010


The next morning, after warming up from freezing to death in Fairway I get on the computer where I find an email from the desi Banker (from Posts 60, 59, 56)  who writes:


Thought I’d send you my new email address. Hoping you had a nice weekend. My week is busy taking care of loose ends. But I am in New York all next week. If you’re free on the 4th, I’d love to hang out.

Take care.
Desi Banker 

I don’t surprise or shock very easily. I was a sorority girl who grew up to advise 80 sorority girls, so pretty much, I have seen and heard it all. But I presumed I’d never hear from the Hermes suited serial skinny dating Banker. He made it clear that he did not find me physically attractive. And two weeks have elapsed since our date. Men who are interested never take THAT long to call back. 

Then there is my very bad habit of over-analyzing everything, which has me speculating what “would love to hang out” means. I find, when men use borderline intimate words/phrases like “love” or “I’m excited to see you” --- I cannot stop thinking they are either gay or horny.

While most of me (my heart) is really interested in Reindeer, a part of me (my head) feels I should be smart about this, and keep my options open. Three dates doth not make a Reindeer relationship. Sure, Reindeer and I are scheduled for a Staten Island date tomorrow. But he has not made mention of his 4th of July plans, and whether they include me.

So I email the Banker back and say yes, sure, let’s hang out on the 4th of July. No one knows where destiny will take us until we get there.


Samosas for One said...

This made me LOL. :)

101 Bad Desi Dates said...

Dear Samosas for One ... glad to make you giggle!