Monday, April 5, 2010


Once in Fort Tryon Park (one of the highest points in Manhattan), Reindeer and I find a shady spot under a tree, eat lunch and play several rounds of Connect Four. I am surprised to win all the games because I repeatedly lost to the Bouncer (Posts 54 and 53). Of course I was drunk back then.

Because my back is to the Hudson River, I don’t see Jack and Jane walking along the trail behind us, nor do I see them repelling the wall 50 foot wall to my right in an attempt to catch my attention. It requires them screaming, “Jerry! Jerry!” (it’s a nickname) from 20 feet away for me to FINALLY notice them. Because Reindeer is not blind, he too, has spotted the desi date crashers and pure terror washes across my face.

I wave them over. I mean, what other choice do I have? From Jack's face I know this was not his idea and against his will, he trails Jane, who is grinning big and huge. If she says anything embarrassing, so help me God, I may kill her. After introductions, Jack and Reindeer attempt to chat, but Jane takes over the conversation and stuffs our potato chips into her mouth. Jack notices Reindeer’s surprise at Jane’s bold potato chip eating, and makes a joke to ease the mood. In Jane’s defense, she and I are like sisters, so my chips are her chips.

When they leave, Reindeer says, “In the 10 years I have lived here I have never run into anyone I know.” “Well they live on the other side of the park and come every weekend. It is how I got the idea for our date.” He seems satisfied and we lie on the blanket, bask in the sun and play footsie. I don’t ever remember enjoying such a splendidly perfect Sunday afternoon under a bright blue, cloudless, humidless sky. He closes his eyes and I turn to look at him. Ew, belly button lint! And quickly look away.

When the sun sets we collect our things and stop in Bleu, a cute bistro for dessert and coffee. I wanted to take him to Bette Midler’s restaurant, New Leaf Cafe in Fort Tryon Park but they weren’t open. We order and Reindeer excuses himself to use the restroom. He returns and says, “Look at you sitting here looking all hot. Is this seat taken?” I die a little on the inside -- in the good way -- and say, “You’re cuter than the other guy. It’s yours.” Reindeer laughs and sits down. He tells me about spending the 4th of July with a local friend who has a very cute son. He never asks me about my plans and I don’t offer.

I walk him back to his car, and another kiss-less date ends. But it’s okay. I am on cloud nine and cannot be knocked off. At least not today. Maybe tomorrow.

Fort Tryon Park

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