Sunday, April 18, 2010


My two week visit in Minnesota ends tomorrow. While I enjoyed seeing my family and friends, I am E-X-C-I-T-E-D to go back. I must still be in a transitional phase, one foot in each apple, Minne and Biggie, because neither place really feels like home.

I’m finishing up my last work assignment and logging into my email. I think I am in trouble with this Reindeer sitch, because I cannot wait to see him again. Full disclosure: I totally mentioned my upcoming Westchester trip to see if he’d notice I was coming his way and invite me on a date.

I open my inbox and find this Reindeer email:
hello ...i found this link on the mta website which says the Fordham Metro North station is 5 blocks from the D'll need to refer to the Local trains from Fordham to White Plains.

Goodie. He does want to see me and so I write:
Mister Reindeer ... you are too sweet to find me that link just for me. I can handle 5 blocks. Now, when you say transfer to the local train ---- do you mean the Metro North train I get on at Fordham Road bound for Westchester will be a local train versus an express?

Reindeer writes back almost immediately:
dear ms. i-am-too-sexy-too-pay-attention-to-your-train-details... I said 'refer' not 'transfer'...refer as in 'refer to the timings of the local trains' if you want to plan when you get to Fordham)... Yes, the Metro North train from Fordham to White Plains will be a local. .am i getting any samosas?? the ones you hand-rolled..

I swoon at his reference to me being SEXY and write:
Reindeer … sure you can have some samosas. i'll check out train timings later. Do you want a Twins tee-shirt?

Reindeer writes:
you are too kind - unfortunately, i am not a big sports-logo-tee-shirt-kind-of-guy....something you probably didn't know about me...the samosas will be just fine..

Okay, I was joking about the Twins tee-shirt. I am as Sporty desi Spice girl as my blind aunt with dementia. When someone throws a Frisbee at me, I duck.

Clearly he doesn’t get my humor, yet. That can change, right?

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