Monday, April 19, 2010


Back in my Manhattan apartment, I turn on the air conditioning and let coolness settle against my skin. To keep me company I switch on the telly. My bags are the only untidy element in the apartment so immediately I begin unpacking. I super clean before I leave for trips. You can still see the vacuum cleaner lines on the carpet. It isn't simply that I like returning to a spotless apartment. It's because I worry, if I died, I would not want whoever packed up my stuff to think negatively of my hygiene. Morbid, I know. I have issues, I know.

Once I finish that task, I sit down at the computer and write an email to Reindeer. It is never good when I like a man this much. My inner control freak really freaks out when I lose all control of my emotions.
Dear Reindeer … There is a 942 am train leaving Fordham that arrives White Plains at 1012 am. How does that sound?

Reindeer responds:
sounds perfect! see you then. (Please note: the man has used an exclamation point). also...don't eat a huge breakfast of aloo-parathas and gobi before coming over...maybe i can interest you in some 'brunch' while you are home or at stone hill farms.....intriguing, right?

 Hhmmm. Gotta love a man who plans dates. (Sidebar: are your wondering what aloo parathas are? They are desi flatbread stuffed with potatoes and spices. See image to the right).

Also, because I don’t like being tardy, I’m initiating a TEST RUN. Think I am joking? Not so much. Tomorrow I am going to Westchester to meet my college chum Abby. We’re going to Target and Shop and Stop for groceries. I will be clocking how long it takes to get from 181st Street to Fordham Road, and then scooting over to Metro North.


Vamsi said...
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Anonymous said...

Looking for old posts I may have forgotten to read, I came across this picture. MMMM! I could go for that now! Hm. If only I lived in The City!

101 Bad Desi Dates said...

Dear Anonymous .... aloo ki roti is best served by a Punjabi auntie! My mother's are to DIE for ... then again potatoes are amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

YUM again!

101 Bad Desi Dates said...

Dear Anonymous ... totally agree. YUMMS! and want some now!

Desi GIrl