Monday, July 5, 2010


The next day I get an email from Town and Country - (Post 137)  accepts and we begin pinging one another with short emails. 

TOWN AND COUNTRY: Are you free Thursday? I am in St. Louis now for meetings, getting board.

DESI GIRL: St. Louis is the home of my alma mater. Thursday sounds great. Were you in a meeting being bored or board meeting? Hope your day is going well. (Sidebar: I have issues with typos and am worried that he doesn’t know the difference between board and bored. And I need him to be perfect).

TOWN AND COUNTRY: Day is going well. Meetings all day yesterday and today. A few more and we leave. Just got an iPhone. If you don’t know anything about technology I could impress or bore you. I used to come to Missouri for work, though my memories are surely different than yours. What’s the weather like in NYC?

DESI GIRL: I just got an iPod nano two weeks ago. I think about getting a Blackberry when my contract is over. And yes my memories are different, and include building models and cutting my fingers with X-acto knives! P.S. we have some rain, no snow yet. (Doesn’t he have an iPhone app or assistant to tell him the weather conditions?)

TOWN AND COUNTRY: Thanks! You can help me on some issues I’m having with my house. (I think he shares too much, more than I ever would about my work and he assumes that I’m good at design. Then again, maybe it would be nice to meet an un-cynical man in Manhattan).

DESI GIRL: Sure we can talk architecture, happy to help. Do you have any sketches?

TOWN AND COUNTRY (several hours later): Just landed. Delay of one hour. Don't really have plans. House was built in the 1800s. Needs some work but it is fine for me for now -- I have some gen y cousins who feel entitled and would disagree. (He actually tells me which NYC block he lives on and I am leaving that out of the blog. I find this bit of information dangerous, what if I was a stalker or a Bellevue escapee? Or writing a blog ... he is waaaaaay to trusting!)

DESI GIRL: Gen y ... I understand. I was watching 60 Minutes and 27 year olds were telling the interviewer the way "it is" and how they expect business to change and adhere to their needs ... what?! Glad to have some fuddy duddy company. Kitchens are tricky but it is amazing how much underutilized space lurks.

TOWN AND COUNTRY: I saw that episode, too. I can be old fashioned in some ways.

DESI GIRL: I’m old fashioned too. (Read: I'm a prude with a 5-dates-before-sex-rule. I also have a "no more than 2 drinks on a date rule"). I have a DVD/VHS combo unit, don't judge me.

TOWN AND COUNTRY: I won’t. Where in the city do you live?

DESI GIRL: Hudson Heights about 10 blocks from Fort Tryon Park. Cannot complain about the views of sunsets over the Hudson and Palisades State Park.

TOWN AND COUNTRY: I know the area! Along 138th Street between 7th and 8th is one of the most beautiful blocks in the city. VHS when was the last time you used it? And are you an 80s or 90s girl? Or maybe I should see what’s on your nano.

DESI GIRL: In 2002 I watched Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham. Not telling you what's on my nano.

TOWN AND COUNTRY: I haven’t seen a VHS in 20 years - I’m very curious to meet you.

DESI GIRL: Ha! Curious to meet me b/c I watched a VHS in the 21st Century? or that I just got my iPod?

TOWN AND COUNTRY: Curious, because I’m enjoying the email exchange.

DESI GIRL: I meant to log off earlier but I am enjoying this too -- humor, brilliance, conversation are attractive qualities and surprisingly hard to find.

TOWN AND COUNTRY: I didn’t mean to keep you. I sleep late and get up early to meet with my trainer, but I’ve been traveling for work, so not much training going on, the results of too many dinners you will see. 

DESI GIRL: It's winter and sometimes life takes us by surprise and storm and you fall off the treadmill. Just get back on. It will be fine when Spring starts in 24 days.

TOWN AND COUNTRY: How do you know Spring is in 24 days? Are you one of those people who knows a lot of “stuff”? In agreement on working out, something is better than nothing. But traveling and meetings are more mentally draining than physically.

DESI GIRL: The Equinox is coming according to my calendar. And I'm a bit of a news junkie so I know some "stuff" --- it's random and eclectic --- but certainly I don't know everything!

TOWN AND COUNTRY: Send me your number. Good night!

DESI GIRL: Sure thing, let’s exchange photos too!

Wow, I find him so attractive, I actually don't care about photos as long as he isn't twice my weight. I pray nothing goes wrong between now and the date! Come on luck shine your favorable gaze upon me!

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