Tuesday, July 6, 2010


The next morning I find an email from Town and Country that includes his photo:

TOWN AND COUNTRY: What area code is 612? Here is my photo.

DESI GIRL: Minneapolis. (Again doesn’t he have an assistant or an iPhone app to figure out the area code? And MAN he looks STERN in his photo, almost intimidating, yet when he writes he sounds down to earth, normal and real).

TOWN AND COUNTRY: But your not from Minnesota are you? (There is something so overpowering about him, that despite never meeting, I am already almost smitten and again, I let the typo go).

DESI GIRL: Yes. Dad moved there in 1967 because he thought snow would be fun ... I'll leave the image of Punjabis in the snow to you. I moved here 14 months ago.

TOWN AND COUNTRY: Do you speak Punjabi? Why move to NYC? 

DESI GIRL: My Punjabi is very bad. Are you fluent? We're actually Punjus from Delhi making my Hindi better, but I insert the English word when I blank on the Hindi. I didn’t speak English until I was 3. My desire to become a writer brought me to NYC. (Unlike with Reindeer, I am at ease with Town and Country and feel certain that his inner entrepreneur will appreciate my quest for book deal).

TOWN AND COUNTRY: You mentioned yoga – ever tried it? My stretcher suggested yoga to loosen my muscles. (What the F***? is  a stretcher? Does he pay someone to come to his house and stretch him?). 

DESI GIRL: Actually I didn't mention yoga ... (S'nice, has he confused me with the OTHER girl he is emailing?)

TOWN AND COUNTRY: Sorry – I meant in your profile on the matrimonial website. (Oh what a refreshing and interesting change, clearly he has read or re-read my profile, again).

DESI GIRL: (Phew). I was wondering if you knew my secrets including who I plan to vote for in November.

TOWN AND COUNTRY: You’re either voting for Barack or HRC. It says something who you pick among the two.

DESI GIRL: Tell me why you think I am a democrat? Then I'll share my politics, something that I don't generally do with date-able men.

TOWN AND COUNTRY: Nothing specific, just the sense I get from you. What makes me date-able? 

DESI GIRL: Uhm, the fact that we have a date tomorrow makes you date-able.

TOWN AND COUNTRY: Funny! I enjoy your wit. What are you doing tonight?

DESI GIRL: Movies with friends. And you?

TOWN AND COUNTRY: No plans, just wondering if you were free.

DESI GIRL: I am not a movie buff, it takes effort for me to go. (Why am I explaining myself to a stranger from the Internet no less?)

TOWN AND COUNTRY: I wasn’t suggesting that you skip, you should go. Thought I'd ask in case you didn’t have plans. (Okay dude, I wouldn't cancel my plans for you. Is this a sign? Does he think the world revolves around him?)

DESI GIRL: (Ugh. Be nice!) It just struck me that the last movie I saw was Darjeeling Limited.

TOWN AND COUNTRY: I saw it on my way to Europe. Did you like it?

DESI GIRL: Yep. It was humorous, heartwarming and unpredictable.

TOWN AND COUNTRY: The way you describe the movie tells me a lot about you. (This is where I should have asked him to elaborate and done a better job at accepting a compliment). I just got my Macbook Air.

DESI GIRL: It is SO light!  

TOWN AND COUNTRY: It’s nice, but I don’t get carried away with gadgets. Watches, briefcases, suits, etc., are more interesting. (Yet he needs to share his latest toy and that he can afford to shop. From his profile there was no inkling of his monetary success. Why does he do this? I liked him for his substance, this claim to cash is off-putting. Still … despite never speaking or hearing his voice, I like him and look forward to tomorrow's date). 

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