Thursday, July 8, 2010


Oh I simply do NOT believe this. As if I don't have ENOUGH pre-date problems and just before I ready for my Town and Country date, the nail on my right index finger begins to lift. This stinks because one, unkept nails (on my hands) is my self-pet peeve. And two, just last week I paid $70, yes $70, for my once a month french manicure that is falling apart. Before my date? Does God hate me?

My manicure is a tish high maintenance (I know, shocking) and involves the application of six layers of liquid gel painted onto my fingernails and then dried under a UV lamp. This 90 minute process makes my nails very pretty and almost indestructible. And in general, the manicure lasts three weeks, but mine have gone as long as five weeks (not recommended). Can I confess? Sometimes I find getting my nails done to be burdensome. But over time my nails have became part of my signature look and even if no one cares about them, I feel a little pressure to keep up appearances. Though, I know, the day I stop getting my nails done means my discretionary dollars have dwindled and hard times are upon me.

A light sweat breaks across my back. The reality is I don’t have enough time to get into the salon to get my nail fixed before my Town and Country date. What to do? Because it is not possible to be perfect and woo him with a chipped nail. Quick, quick, think, think of a temporary MacGyver fix! A drop of crazy glue would be ideal -- if I had any lying around the apartment. Then I remember my tools. And that salvation can come in a tube. Silicone.

Last month while I was showering, the shower head developed a small crack and sprayed water ALL over the bathroom walls and floor. Unbeknownst to me, it drenched the floor mat. So when I stepped out of the shower and into 1/2 inch of water I just about broke my neck. Had you seen my loo that day, you’d think Noah was coming with his Ark. Who knew you could almost flood a Manhattan bathroom in 20 minutes?

After that death defying moment, I dried my hair (it was January) and raced out to buy solvent to seal the leak. If silicone can fix indoor plumbing let's see if I can seal my nail back to date ready! Wish me luck.

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