Sunday, July 18, 2010


Ooo. Is that the alarm? Aiy. Not even Tylenol is going to kill the pain throbbing in my hair follicles and pulsing into my temples. When did my throat dry out like the Sahara? I wish I had aim so I could throw something at the clock to turn it off, but Sporty Spice I am not. Slowly I force myself to sit up and last night’s date comes back to me. I sink back into bed and close my eyes only to have an image of a penis flashing on and off in my head like a vacancy / no vacancy sign.

The alarm goes on for another minute and I finally get out of bed and lumber across the room to turn the blasted thing off before my head explodes from the deafening sound. I am never drinking again. I see my phone on the nightstand and scroll through last night’s text messages between Ainsley and me. Crud. I did NOT make up the Punjabi penis sighting.

It takes effort, but eventually I get out of bed. Who stole my tolerance? I used to be able to drink fraternity boys under the table (maybe not the sexiest detail about me, but it's true). I do not EVER remember being this hung over. Because my bones feel like they were replaced with lead, I move, slowly but surely, through my unusually rigorous routine of showering, dressing and coffee brewing. All of which occurs after I drink a gallon of water.

I finally sit down at my desk, make some calls and log into my email. There is an email waiting from Town and Country. He sent it over an hour ago. How the hell did someone who drank twice as much as I did get up so early? Maybe he’s a desi vampire.

Town and Country: Tonight: How about 7 pm at Mint? 150 East 50.
Desi Girl: Sounds good. Can I wear jeans?
Town and Country: Personally I like skirts, but jeans are of course fine. That’s what I’m wearing (jeans, not a skirt).

Okay, he’s funny in a way that appeals to me. And sure, while I’m interested in him, I never froze for men in Minnesota and I am not about to start in Manhattan. So jeans it is. Truth be told, despite of the penis incident, or maybe in spite of it (for future reference it is good to know what he’s got in his jockey shorts); my attraction to him is very primal. And I gotta be honest, while I have never limited myself to Punjabi men, I love that he is.

To be cont.

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