Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Unlike last night, tonight I do not keep Town and Country waiting. When I get to Mint, Town and Country is sitting in the lobby, fiddling with his phone. He sees me, gets up, and pecks a light kiss on my lips.

Once we are seated I order a glass of wine. He has a blue fake-tini and tells me to try it. Vividly I remember last night’s wine exchange that drove me straight to Drunk Town, Population 2 – Town and Country and Desi Girl. Also I’m not a fan of “fake-tinis”. I am a real deal or bust kind of desi girl, no Canal Street Louis Vuitton for me. But this isn’t something you tell a man you’re trying to date. And Town and Country seems like someone who likes things done his way.

I am also relieved that Meera has not called about last night’s date. I don’t want to tell her that I was flashed, which has me wondering why I am here if I am not willing to come clean with my friends. Then again, he did ask me on this date before we got completely wasted. And I cannot determine if he even remembers doing it. Maybe he blacked out, which isn’t any better. Oof, this conversation I am having with myself is giving me a headache.

The waiter arrives and Town and Country orders for us, which I like. I have spent my entire life care taking for others, being a good friend, obedient daughter, caring sister, loving girlfriend. But it is exhausting to give and never receive. For a change it is REALLY nice to be taken care of.

“I know a great Thai place on the West Side,” I leave out the suggestive name, Yum Yum Bangkok. “We should go,” I suggest casually trying to gauge his mood. He is not chatty tonight and his interest in me seems to have vanished. If he finds my suggestion of future date too forward, he can bugger off. I am not that invested in him and don’t have anything to lose. “I can’t eat Chinese or Thai,” he replies. Okay what? Problem. I am a lover of udon noodles, dim sum, and spicy tuna rolls. No man is worth a life devoid of Chinatown.

I smile, nod politely and drink my wine. I am done trying to impress someone who is giving me the silent treatment when he asked me out! A few minutes later he says, “I was incredibly hung-over this morning.” Now I smirk. “And I blame you,” he teases. Well whatever was bothering him has ceased to matter. “I seem to recall you ordering…” I almost say fourth round. “…the last round then suggesting brandy. I think you might be to blame. But I am far too gracious to do such a thing,” I reply. “Yes…you are gracious aren’t you?” he asks.

Really? Does Mr.-Cold-then-Hot think he can flirt his way back into my good graces? Because I have no idea what to do with my guard, jack it way up and never let another man in? Or let go and fall in love with celibate monks and flashers. Wow, if these are the remaining desi choices I better get self-preserving. Or go back to dating white boys. A part of me momentarily feels empathy for Town and Country. He is dating all my emotional baggage and doesn’t even know it. Or maybe he knows and doesn't care. Ugh, I am re-giving myself a headache.

To be cont.

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