Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I leave the fundraiser empty-handed. Who says I don’t have self-control? If only I were that disciplined and proactive with my life. I am annoyed that I spent $70 on a bikini wax --- just in case --- on Town and Country. Mental note to self: pay more attention to Desi Girl and less on grooming for dates that evidently never come. Maybe then I wouldn’t be so emotionally entangled in the silky sari of of my life.

A part of me also thinks I would be less interested in Town and Country if matrimonial talks with Dr. Froggy would become more intellectually stimulating. He informed me that he refers to his Porsche as “Kitten”, and scolded a date for slamming the car door too hard. I feel confident that woman never saw him again. And at least I know what to do in case I want to scare Dr. Froggy away.

In an effort to engage him, I probed about his interests and discovered he had a membership to a gym he never used, loved hockey, didn’t read and liked the show Heroes. Now I am officially BORED out of my mind. But familial pressure to get married stops me from cutting him loose, especially not before we meet, which is the other agitator.

If we don’t meet soon, I may stop taking his calls. This will either wean him away or ramp up his interest. There is only a finite amount of time you can keep chatting before ALL the excitement wears off. I think this time frame is three to five weeks from the first chat. However, I do give him props for knowing that Louis Vuitton has an Epi leather collection handbag that I covet.

I get home and crawl into bed. The thought of spending my Saturday indoors in front of a computer is lack luster, too. I have a solid eight if not ten hours of work to finish. But it’s fine. My reward comes Sunday in the form of a day at the beach.

I wake up early on Saturday and make another anti-Desi Girl move, deciding against the gym. Clearly I am quite confident for the beach if I am not working out today. Out of habit I grab the cell phone. Hhhmm. A text arrived from Town and Country last night while I was the fundraiser. Had he contacted me on Thursday night I would have skipped the fundraiser for him. I’m pathetic, I know. But I spent four months dating Reindeer the celibate monk who made me a feel like a nun, and just for once I’d like to feel desirable.

Text from Desi Girl: Welcome back.
Text from Town and Country: Thanks. Tired. But had a lot of productive meetings.
Text from Desi Girl: Sounds good. I am working on a project this weekend.
Text from Town and Country: Wanna get together? (Okay. Annoying! First, I JUST told him I’m working; does he think he’s the only one whose work matters? And second, does he assume that I’m at his beck and call? This isn’t Pretty Woman, he’s not Richard Gere. And why don’t I ever LISTEN to my inner voice? It never, ever is wrong.)

Text from Desi Girl: Tempting but working. I have a big project to ship out on Monday by noon. How about Monday night? You can be the reward for this smart and sexy woman? (I waited two weeks for his schedule to open up for me; he can wait a few for mine.) 

Text from Town and Country: That is a deadly combination and you are def sexy! (Swoon).

See I am not a total Desi Girl sell-out. There are things more important than a date, like work and a day at the beach.

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