Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I watch Meera and her entourage get up. They wave wildly, blow kisses and leave. I am so glad this place has no mirrors!

When the check comes, Dr. Froggy’s money is where his mouth is. Without skipping a beat, he grabs the check and pays for dinner. “Would you like to get a drink?” he asks as we step out into the cool evening. I wrap myself deeper into my silk blend wrap and nod my head. “While Chelsea is known for a vibrant gay culture and scene, there are lots of nice places along 8th Avenue, sound good?" I ask. Staying in this area also keeps me close to the A train!

We sit down at the bar. Despite not finishing my dinner, I don't feel super tipsy. I never believed that women don't eat on dates, and I love to eat, but for some reason, I have yet to finish all my food on a Manhattan desi date.

"So one of my favorite places is Rosa Mexicana. Every time I come to New York I eat there. Normally I go with my buddies. Any interest in having lunch there tomorrow?” Ugh. I find Rosa overpriced and the portions HUGE. But he did pay lots of money to come here, so who I am to deny him. Then again, I have never said no to chips and table side guacamole! “Sure, sounds good. Which location, UES or Lincoln Center?" I ask. "There's two?" he asks. "I'd prefer the Lincoln Center one." "Me, too!" I reply.

"While I love New York, I have no desire to live here," Dr. Froggy announces. Oh man, he just drove a dagger into my heart. While I can barely afford to live here I love it. And is this his way of saying, if this works out I have to move into his P. Diddy inspired McMansion? "Why is that? Love it but don't want to live it?" I ask. "It is too expensive. My taxes are high enough and for a $1 million I can build a 5,000 square foot house there or live in a two bedroom apartment here. I'd rather have the house," he explains. "Hhhmm, I understand that. Some people are suburban and others, like me are urban," I reply. He nods and we continue chatting for another hour. He tells me about his rotations and how the construction of his condo is going.

Eventually I say, "Oh it's late! And you must be exhausted." He glances at his watch and nods. He, again, pays and once outside we hug good-bye and he hails a taxi for me, “I’d prefer it if you took a cab,” Dr. Froggy says with concern in his voice. "It's kinda late." Oh this is sweet. And little does he know how late and how often I ride around on the subway. While I would prefer to protest and state the subway station is across the street, allowing me to spend $2 rather than $30 on the ride home, I agree to his wish.

"See you tomorrow," I say and duck into the cab.

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