Monday, December 6, 2010


I must really NOT want to go on this date because I’m late. Granted it isn’t completely my fault. I left home at 8:20 pm and generally 40 minutes is enough time to get to West 14th Street.

Without trying, I saunter down the street in these three inch sandals. I see Dr. Froggy standing at the edge of the sidewalk, tuck my purse tightly under my arm and walk over to his side. “Dr. Froggy?” I say. “Hello, Desi Girl,” he replies and we do the awkward first time hug. “How was your flight?” I ask.”Fine,” he replies. He’s about 5’-7”, with a large, square head that doesn’t seem quite in portion with his body. I am disappointed to learn that his idea of average is more in line with my idea of heavy, but he is dressed VERY nicely in trousers and a blue blazer. “Did you let them know you’re here?” I ask. “Nope, I waited for you,” Dr. Froggy replies. “Oh, well thank you. Let’s go in and let them know, shall we?” I suggest. “Sure we can have a drink at the bar and wait,” Dr. Froggy offers.

We walk towards the restaurant and Meera and her desi posse consisting of Rohit, Shouldn’t Have Kissed Him, and two other male friends are standing and chatting. I catch her eye and she smiles, trying to get a glimpse of my date. She is wearing one of my favorite dresses on her -- a brown, ombre traffic-stopping sheath dress. In that moment, I stop and think, “poor Dr. Froggy, he has no idea about what’s happening around him.” Meera and I are so juvenile that it amuses me. Only really, good, close friends would consider doing such a thing. And God bless Rohit for going along with the charade, though I suspect he’s as invested in my groom hunt as Meera, Mom, Bangalore cousin and me!

Dr. Froggy and I order red wine at the bar. I take my first sip and see the hostess lead Meera and her entourage to a table. Ten minutes later Dr. Froggy and I are escorted into the dining room and we walk behind Meera’s table. She unfortunately has her back to us and Rohit gives me a quick wink. The hostess seats Dr. Froggy so his back faces Meera’s table , but I see them perfectly. Because I can think of no reason for us to change seats I sit down and wonder how Meera intends to her execute her viewing and observation plan.

We look over the menu and make small talk. It takes everything I have to focus on Dr. Froggy because Meera’s table antics have me wanting to laugh. First, Meera keeps sitting and standing, like a desi jack in the box, more like, desi jill in the box. Then she and Shouldn’t Have Kissed Him do the wave several times. All the while Rohit is on his phone. This goes on for another 20 minutes and Meera gets up again and points towards the bar and motions me to follow. I watch her leave, finish listening to whatever Dr. Froggy was saying and then excuse myself for the loo. I grab my purse, walk by Meera’s table, wave at her men and duck into the bathroom.

“How is it going?” she demands as I enter. That 80’s song by Kylmaxx begins running in head, “I got a meeting in the ladies' room. I'll be back real soon. I got a meeting in the ladies' room.” “Fine, he is quite nice and the conversation is going better than I thought. I am sure I could focus better if you weren’t doing the wave. But your table seems more fun,” I say.

“First, you look damn hot. Second, he looks nicely put together. I am digging his navy blazer, very Boston of him. Rohit has been texting you all night, did you get his messages?” Meera shares. “I can’t really pick up my phone…I am on a date,” I explain. “Good point,” Meera says. “Are you glad he came?” she asks. “I don’t know yet,” I reply. “Fair enough,” Meera says. "Where are you taking Dr. Froggy after this?” Meera asks. “Well, if he’s not too tired, probably a bar. It’s Friday night in Manhattan and neither one of us are driving,” I reply. “Text me details!” she says. We hug and go back to our tables.

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