Sunday, December 12, 2010


I’m emailing Vipin (Post 241).  He has successfully de-Trojan Horsed the computer.

Email to Vipin: I owe you BIG time.
Email to Desi Girl: No problem. Happy to help. How do you plan to get the PC?
Email to Vipin: Can you get it to Tapan? And then I will arrange to get it from him? (I am still sort of seeing Tapan, I think). My brother and his family are coming next week, but after that I’d love to take you for kati rolls as a small thank you.
Email to Desi Girl: Kati rolls in the City?
Email to Vipin: Yes, and they are DAMN good.
Email to Desi Girl: Sounds good!
Email to Vipin: Will send details soon.

I log off the computer and survey the apartment. More often than not I wonder why I have a one bedroom apartment. I rarely spend any time in the bedroom as I sleep on the ridiculously comfortable couch. Now that I think about it, I spend a max of 30 minutes a day in the bedroom selecting my outfits. Which now has me regretting buying all this living room furniture. I have an oversized 80” couch, two stuffed arm chairs and an ottoman. If not for my clothes, shoes, handbags and books, I could be a minimalist.

The phone rings and I see Meera’s number. “’Allo dahling,” I say. “Rohit and I cannot believe that Dr. Froggy left two days ago and we HAVE to call for an update!” I laugh. These two are TOO much, in the good way of course. “It was fine,” I reply. Meera makes the sound of a buzzer and says, “Fine isn't glowing. More details, please.” “Saturday I wore your favorite outfit on me.." I pause to let her approve. "Then we went to the Met and out for dosas. I treated him to brunch on Sunday and then he left because I told him I had friends coming in from Minnesota and needed to meet them.” “Hhhmm,” Meera says, and continues. “We almost got busted. While Rohit, Should Not Have Kissed Him and I were waiting for the table we ran into Sham and Anand outside of Crispo.” Sham and Anand are Rohit’s friends. “And?” I ask.

“Sham saw you and said, ‘Hey Meera isn’t that your friend Desi Girl over there?’ and then Anand turned around and was going to say something and I told them I was crashing your date,” Meera explains. “And what? They think we’re nuts?” I ask and chuckle. “I told them not to blow my cover and they said I deserved getting caught,” she says. “They have NO sense of adventure!” I reply.

“Soooo…where did you leave it with Dr. Froggy?” Meera demands. “He asked if I wanted to meet him again,” I reply. “What?! And what did you say?” she asks. “Nothing yet. I said I’d have to check because I am going to India in a few weeks…I think he’s into me.” Meera groans, “OF COURSE he's INTO you! You blew him off..." "That's not fair. I have been pushing him to meet me and now that he's ready, I'm going to India and have a million things to do. I think playing dating game is gross," I argue. "Your reasoning doesn't matter. From his perspective, he wants what he thinks is unobtainable. Desi Girl. You needed to be doing this from the beginning!" Meera exclaims.

Herein lies the quintessential problem with Desi Girl. A lack of subtly. When she likes someone A LOT, she overcompensates to get him to notice her. So much so that she will flirt with his friend and ignore him to get his attention. (Sidebar: this tactic is not recommended). Yet when Desi Girl meets a man she is so-so about, she can play it cool. And these are the men who fall over themselves for Desi Girl’s attention. It is most unfortunate when it comes to the matters of the heart Desi Girl cannot strike the balance.


My Courageous Life said...

Amen sister.

101 Bad Desi Dates said...

Dear My Courageous Life -


Desi Girl