Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Bangalore Cousin and Bangalore Niece’s departure for Bangalore marks a pivotal point in my trip. One of my paternal cousin’s is sending his daughters (they’re in their early 20s) to pick me up so I can spend time with Dad’s family in an area of Delhi called Punjabi Bagh. Aptly named so because of the dense population of Punjabis living there.

Dad’s family is interesting and has a high percentage of nuts in it. And in fairness to Dad’s family, maybe they think their behavior is normal. But I think they are only motivated by money. Don’t get me wrong, I am motivated by money. I simply prefer the method of getting a job and earning an honest wage.

However, there are members of Dad’s family who only make nice with other family members if there is monetary gain. For instance, one of my uncles was pretty well-to-do and some of his siblings thought it was completely acceptable for them to keep asking him for money for rent and car payments, instead of, I don’t know getting a job. And when the folks in Dad’s family get jobs, it is almost more painful.

Chacha, Dad’s younger brother, considers himself to be somewhat of a master carpenter who builds high end furniture. Most unfortunately, one of Chacha’s latest clients was Massi. He came with sketches and samples, his talks promised her the moon, but he sold her dirt.

The entire TV room is filled with ill-crafted furniture. The cupboard doors and drawers on Massi’s entertainment center don’t close properly; there is a constant unsightly gap of the seal. The glass pieces were installed on a crooked angle. The laminate finish, only a few months old, is chipping. Even in the temperamental climate of India, three months is too fast for wood to warp.

It’s like Chacha didn’t bother to take any pride in his work, which is his prerogative. If he wishes to sully his reputation, no one can stop him. But when Massi asked him to come and see the furniture, he first said yes. However, on the day of the appointment he didn’t show. Massi called him. He called back three days later and told her she ruined the furniture. Really? How is a 75 year old widow going to destroy her newly purchased goods? And what kind of baseless person knowingly and willingly rips off a widow? Hinduism very seriously frowns upon this behavior. I hope he is ready for what karma delivers.

Sigh. As if Dad’s family was not mentally taxing enough. Massi’s furniture is a constant reminder of sketchy manners and shoddy ethics. Dad’s family will do anything other than genuine work for money. How my hard-working, honest Dad is related to those people is beyond me.

And now I am set to spend three days on the other side of Delhi with Mom’s in-laws, Punjabi outlaws to the fullest extent of the law. Durga, can you hear me? Infuse me with girl power please, desi style.


NS said...

Punjabi outlaws!!!!

How my hard-working, honest Dad is related to those people is beyond me.

Brought a smile to my uneventful and not so great day! Thanks DG!

I think I found a parallel for ur humor, Waiter Rant, gem of a blog, im sure u must've heard of it

101 Bad Desi Dates said...

Dear NS -

Well outlaws - it is true - you dont even know what I could write when it comes to Dad's family. As a collective we have done some seriously wacky people in the line doing some seriously wacky stuff.

I am sure I can be included in that motley crew to some extent - I do after all have enough (mis) adventures for a blog! tee hee hee ...

And YES I have read Waiter Rant ... V. FUNNY! I shd read it in my free time ... tee hee hee!

Glad to make you smile - makes me happy that I am not getting rusty, at least not yet!

Desi Girl