Sunday, February 20, 2011


By the time my plane lands my head is killing me. I am not sure if it is from the cheap airport wine, texting Town and Country, or the stress of meeting Dr. Froggy’s family, friends and boss. I actually do pretty okay with babies and aunties (and uncles if I am wearing a low-cut top). So I am hopeful his mother will like me.
I don’t know what US Airways policy is, but Northwest and Delta let you turn on your phone as soon as you are wheels down, so I do. Quickly I text Dr. Froggy and ask him to bring some Tylenol and water. He texts back to say no problem (tis nice to date a man of medicine) and that he is driving the BMW. I deplane and wait almost 15 minutes for him. When he does arrive he gives me a hug and is gentlemanly enough to toss my bag into the trunk.

I belt in, pop the meds and slam an eight-ounce bottle of Poland Spring. “How was your flight?” Dr. Froggy asks. “Fine,” I reply and study his profile. He’s not bad looking, and if he wasn’t so hefty I think his features would sharpen, rather than flatten. His head though, seems out of proportion to his body. It’s like he needed to be a few inches taller to balance out that head. I can completely relate to that. I need to buy petite jackets at Ann Taylor because I am missing a few inches in my torso. I do wear missy pants, but those have to be shortened. So maybe I am missing a few inches on both ends – wow imagine how different life would have been if I had been 5’-7"!

“Did you have a Diet Coke on the flight?” Dr. Froggy asks. Oh that is sweet; he remembers my soda of choice. “Nope, they actually charge for it on US Airways, can you believe that?” I ask. He chuckles. “What?” I ask. “I knew that did that. I didn’t tell you to see if you’d get annoyed by them…” What is wrong with him? He wanted me get off the plane enraged? What kind of person does this? “Why?” I finally ask. “I thought it would make you feisty – I like you feisty,” he says. Still, this is a strange thing to think, much less share. Who wants a cranky house guest?

“Okay,” he says when he pulls into the Wal-Mart parking lot. “I need to get some cookies for the morning tea…”  Ugh. Am I the only desi who drinks coffee? “I’ll wait in the car,” I say quickly. I’m from Minnesota where Target is king; it is sacrilegious for me to go in there.

He’s an expeditious shopper and returns quickly. As we drive along the winding road he points out restaurants he dines at and the gym where he’s a member but never attends. When we arrive at his gargantuan house my stomach drops a little. He was not joking, he did indeed fashion his house in the manner of low-brow Beverly Hills fame. Oh my – I absorbed LeCorbusier and Mondrian for four years. If my undergraduate architecture program director knew of this I think he’d demand I return my degree.
In the living room we find his mother, watching TV at top volume. Dr. Froggy grabs the remote control, hits mute. Auntie stands up; her smile accessorizes black pants and a cardigan. “Welcome beta, please sit down.” She ushers me onto the couch and sits next to me. Immediately, I know I will like her.


Sunny said...

You don't carry Tylenol in your purse? Hmmm.. may be you don't need it that often.

And no, it is not nice to date a person of medicine. Life is just chemistry to them. If you say that "I have a headache" the response should be "whats troubling you? what is causing stress?" not "here are two Tylenol extra strength, you will be fine". I dated a desi girl in her residency and it was no fun.

Another Kiran In NYC said...

low brow Hollywood :) I am totally loving this. Hehehe. Despite being taste challenged, what you write about him makes him seem... q-u-i-t-e normal. Sometimes over the long term, normal is very good.

101 Bad Desi Dates said...

Dear Another Kiran in NYC -

Well ... aren't you a desiger? you know what I mean - and I went to undergrad with some serious design snobs, aiy! :)

So glad you are loving it :) and he is normal, which is why I let the awkward things pass - I am not perfect either, but I am worried about him and if he gets me. I guess time will tell!

Desi Girl

101 Bad Desi Dates said...

Dear Sunny -

I don't keep lots of meds and drugs on me :) I actually dont like to take medicines.

And tell me about it when it comes to desis in medicine. I didnt blog about but Dr. Froggy was not very nurturing when my aunt (bhua) died. I know right? Here are some meds now be quiet .... ugh! :) And I am sure my background being communications won't help :)let's talk - men LOVE to hear that ;)

Ms. 101

Anonymous said...

what they didn't give you dinner? Auntie should have made some home made food for you.

101 Bad Desi Dates said...

Dear Anonymous -

My flight came in late like 10 pm. We were all SOOO tired.

Desi Girl

Sara said...

I like this mischievous side of Dr. Froggy!

101 Bad Desi Dates said...

Dear Sara -

Ha! You are right, this side of him is rather amusing!

Tee hee hee ... we all have a little bit of the devil in us!!!

Desi Girl