Thursday, April 21, 2011


Oh boy. Dressing for today’s date with Possible-Mate-from-Chicago is proving to be quite the quandary. In fact, I’m having my version of a Gilligan’s Island 3-hour tour moment. When I was packing for my Minnesota trip (what feels like YEARS ago) it was supposed to be an 8 day trip. I am not known for traveling light, so I was VERY excited to have stuffed everything into an overhead rolling suitcase. When I was in college and my friends and I went on trips, I would over-pack – jeans that I would never wear, sandals that would never see the sun and my diffuser for the hair dryer, something they found amusing. They would be STUNNED to see my scaled down wardrobe.

Now that I am in my third week here, I have worn everything I brought at least three times. And while I love to shop, in fact I live so shop; I really have not had a lot of free time to acquire new threads. Nor do I have the space to take stuff back, unless I buy a suitcase of ship my stuff. Which completely defeats the small bag and traveling light.

Since I didn’t think I’d be dating while snow-bound, I didn’t bring date outfits. Nor do I have ANY shoes appropriate for a walking around the mall. I have gym shoes, open-toed sandals, tall boots and snow boots.

Meera has told me several times that I have a very strong presence. So I should do things to scale it down, and avoid intimidating men. This is why I wear light colored nail polish and jeans. However, the only remotely casual thing I have is a hot pink cashmere v-neck sweater and a hot pink with small flowers Liberty cotton button-down from J. Crew. Everything else is standard Manhattan wear, black sweaters and black pants.

As I pull on the pink and tuck my button-down into jeans, I am pretty sure Possible-Mate-from-Chicago is NOT spending this much time over-thinking what he’s wearing. Before I go downstairs to zip my feet into my tall boots and pull on my jacket, I fluff my hair. For a change my hair does not resist and agrees to be sensational hair day instead of bad hair day.

Super! I am ready to hit the Mall of America.

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