Friday, May 6, 2011


I am sitting crossed legged on the floor; pen in one hand, calendar in the other. I am trying to figure out when I am going to meet my upcoming dates who have expressed interest recently. Saturday is tea time with Chai Walla. I also need to see Meera and Rohit this weekend. Then there are two fellows, both in Queens, Tao and the Englishman. A fourth fellow named Uday, who I have no recollection of corresponding with, sent an email saying, “just following up to when we are meeting.” Aiy…I would totally write back if I totally knew who he was! I spent over two hours trolling through my email looking for the Uday-Desi Girl email exchange. Oh well, I am sure I will remember soon.

I get up from the floor, go into the kitchen, crack open a Diet Coke (aka Diva Cola) and return to the living room. In that much time I get this email, in response to one that I sent months and months ago.

SUBJECT RE: Hi ... I think you may have contacted me?
Hi: Sorry to resend this email. I wrote yesterday and four months ago. I was really looking forward to speaking with you. You are kinda mesmerizing. Look, I am completely new to this thing, so I didn't really care whatever I sent out before -- am just really comfortable in my own skin -- now, after seeing your photos again I regret not "selling" myself a little more. Anyway, I know if we talk, you won't regret it -- So I would love to hear from you. Take care, have a good evening. Regards, You-May-Have-Contacted Me.

Hhhmm. His note gives me goose bumps at first. He is really honest in a rip-the-band-aid-off-and- expose-the-wound kind of way. Then I wonder what he is doing that it takes four months for him to write back? But  he seems to have a confidence that you have to at least meet, “I know if we talk, you won’t regret it.”

So, I email him my phone number. If it takes him four months to call me, I won’t entertain that insanity twice. But with the weekend coming, I’d be up for speaking to him if he has the time.

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