Monday, June 13, 2011


I get home from my first New York date with Possible-Mate-From-Chicago and remark how nice he was. Just nice. Nice. Nice. Nice. How refreshing. Nice. Nice. Nice.

I slam the front door closed and lock both locks. I cast a glance at my poor, wilting, almost dead flower. However, I being a romantic and optimistic fill water into a wine bottle and slide the flower in. It would be nice if the rose lived for a day or two, maybe just to Sunday.

Here is a truth about Desi Girl. I don’t like flowers as gifts. Don’t get me wrong. They are a nice and lovely gesture. Except they make me sad, because they are pretty for a few days, until they die. And it seems like such a waste of money, beauty and life. For some reason, I think flowers are kinda tragic. They are cut from a bush; they immediately begin dying and eventually wilt petals all over my dining table. Interestingly enough, I don’t have this reaction to fruit or vegetables.

I think wine is a better gift. Sure in some way, it is consumed like the flowers. You open the bottle, you drink the wine and eventually it too is gone. But it is not the same. At least not to me. But I think jewelry is a preferred gift.

I made a new friend about month ago, a woman named Tate from Texas, joined our volunteer committee. Haynes Thomas Taylor and I were delighted to have her on our small but potent band of do-gooding women. Last week, Tate and I were having a very profound conversation over wine, maybe it was not so profound as it was the wine, but we were discussing, if you could have one signature $10,000 designer item, i.e. a Rolex, a Birkin Bag, a fur coat, etc. What would you want?

I mulled over the options for some time, about half a glass of wine worth of time, and decided on a Harry Winston rock – not an engagement ring – but a cocktail ring to withstand time, love and my earthy existence.

I guess this is jewelry's appeal. It lasts forever!


Viresh said...

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101 Bad Desi Dates said...

Dear Viresh -

Okay WOW, was on the site for a moment, was blasted by their theme song at 7 am in the morning :) - will go back and look at the rings. I LOVE LOVE LOVE rings.

Desi Girl