Thursday, July 21, 2011


The following evening I am meeting Siobhan for happy hour at Kemia. We love this place – very good but inexpensive martinis and appetizers.

I get a few doors away from Kemia and stop. I need to return Flyboy’s calls/messages from two days ago. What I am about to say, while awful, is about self-preservation. There is no part of me that wants to talk to him. But the ethical part of me feels returning his call is the correct thing to do. I have been ignored, and it is not nice, so I don’t want to ignore him. I also happen to know he flies tonight so he won’t be around to take my call. This will allow me the opportunity to leave a thank-you but no thank-you message and NOT actually speak to him. Closure is very important.Self-preservation is more important.

When the voicemail comes on I say, “Hello Flyboy, it’s Desi Girl. I received your eight texts and voicemails. I thank you for letting me know you were unable to meet. But the amount of contact was overwhelming for me and I’d like to discontinue correspondence with you. Hoping you understand.” I snap the phone shut and take a deep breath.

I am now ready for martinis and snacks!

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