Sunday, July 31, 2011


I have been on a diet since I was a plump 12-year old. Some of it may be genes (my father’s family has some hefty heifers) some of it was because I was studious and sedentary, rather than athletic and sporty. And since 12, my weight has been a battle that has had me on a variety of diets (Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, diet pills calorie-counting) and workout plans (personal trainer, step aerobics, weights, running, spinning).  I am sure, when I was uber-obsessed with my weight in my 20s if I had been able to make myself vomit on demand I would have been anorexic too.

In time (sometimes I am a slower learner) I got a little healthier about my weight. I learned dieting to be a simple equation, when calories in and calories out balance, you maintain your weight. When your calories in are more than your calories out, you pork out. And when your calories in are less than your calories out, you lose weight. 

And as a results oriented person, I have the best results in knocking off weight when I have a fully engaged plan in place. Also quitting drinking is VERY effective. But that is always my last resort.

The first step is to admit that I have a short attention span when bored. So treadmills are not my thing. And running … so not on my to-do list … unless my house is on fire. Then I am running like a shark-faced clown is chasing me through a deserted grocery store with tin shears in the middle of an East Coast hurricane named Delilah. Weights are okay – but I don’t think my form is correct. I can do the elliptical – but after about 25 minutes my feet get numb.

Then there is spinning – which I love – I don’t know why running in place on a treadmill has no appeal to me, but biking in place gives me an endorphin rush. So I am VERY excited to get back into a spinning routine. I am so excited that I am willing to get up at the crack of dawn to take a 6.30 am spin class.

While I am a little tired (I am not a morning person) I look forward to 7.15 am – when I will surely be on a high from my indoor spin ride! This is the smallest gesture I can do for myself, which grants a result that will last me all day. Sometimes the simple gifts you give yourself have the most meaning.

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