Sunday, August 7, 2011


For my Flyboy Turkish lunch date I decide to wash and dry my hair and leave the long silky locks down. My hair is longer than in the photos I have posted on the matrimonial website, but what does it matter? I don’t look like my photos according to most of my dates.

The outfit I select is a red skirt with a green print through it. But it looks like a watercolor so the red and green are not intense, they are not dull or mute, but they are toned down. Since the skirt is a little dressy I pair it with a plain white round neck tee-shirt, funky necklace and my green strappy heels.

While these are really cute sandals, they are only somewhat comfortable – I’d say I have about 10 blocks before I want to cut my feet from my ankles. So I slide on my flip flops for pre-date and post-date wear.

I grab a large green carry-all and stuff my City supplies – bottle of water, green sandals, sweater to combat the air conditioning on the subway and restaurants, Ipod, mobile phone and grocery list. Oh, one last thing, I grab the book I need to return to Barnes and Noble and leave my apartment.

I am all set to show Flyboy how we are not a match. I feel confident that nothing can go wrong.

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