Monday, August 22, 2011


Text from Town and Country: I am remodeling my house. And you’re an architect. I think you can help me.

Okay - I don’t know how many times I have explained this to him, but I am NOT an architect. I realize that I majored in architecture, but undergraduate study alone does not an architect make – just ask the AIA (American Institute of Architecture) and anyone who is a registered architect. But it is easier to agree and so I write back.

Text from Desi Girl: Sure. I'm architect. What can I help with?
Text from Town and Country: I need fire extinguishers.
Text from Desi Girl: Uhm, what? (He can google these online or pop by his local Home Depot. He doesn’t need me for this).
Text from Town and Country: Fire extinguishers. You know to put out fires.
Text from Desi Girl: I know what they are – what do you need them for? (Lord, is he living in forest fire zone in the middle of Manhattan?)
Text from Town and Country: I want two on every floor, so eight total. I understand that fire extinguisher in the kitchen will be of a different rating. What do you think? Want to help me? (I won't lie - the demented part of me wants to see him).
Text from Desi Girl: Happy to help. I’ll do research and get you some prices. How fast do you need them?
Text from Town and Country: Next couple of days. I am not traveling this week. Can you bring them to the house? I can show you the other things I need help with. We can talk money then too.
Text from Desi Girl: Sure.

For all the things Town and Country is – he is generous. I have always known this about him. With the recession looming it is going to be an every penny counts kind of summer -  and I am really thankful for his help.


Anonymous said...

Oh DG, you need a chaperone lol

I also have trouble trying not to laugh when I read your blog posts and comments, also when I am at work. It is 12:21 pm Tuesday in Melbourne :-)

Cris said...

I can't believe you fell for that!(unless you wanted to).Isn't he a business man?.He sure must know tons of architects.As long as you know where he is coming from and agreeing with it then it's fine.Think carefully if you want to go back to that roller coaster.

101 Bad Desi Dates said...

Dear Anonymous -

No joke - Desi Girl needs an entourage of people to keep her safe - from herself!

What can I do? This is my real life .... :)

Desi Girl

101 Bad Desi Dates said...

Dear Cris -

Well believe it or not - I have a pretty good radar on people. And so I guess I trusted that he was not a total loser dirt bag --- and I did wonder how he did not know an architects --- which I will ask him in a few posts.

Clearly - I wanted this roller coaster ride. I don't look before I leap - so in some ways it serves me well - I get into a situation and tunnel my way out like a survivor - on the other hand - I do occasionally drown - ack!

Desi Girl