Sunday, August 28, 2011


I have divided the apartment into zones in order to pack without causing a self-induced Desi Girl anxiety attack – as I still have to get work done for work, I need to get price quotes for Town and Country’s fire extinguishers, and I have some work to get done for my new volunteer committee.

I have packed all the winter stuff – coats, sweaters, pants. I packed all the linens except two sets of sheets (okay – why do I have five sets of sheets for one bed? The maximum I would need is two, use one, wash one – I am quite the consumer and think I should address this behavior of mine – oh I know I will ship two sets of sheets to my mom. She has four queen sized beds in her house). I have decided to keep two sets of towels and will donate the other two to Goodwill. I am a single woman – four bath towels are MORE than enough. Half of the kitchen remains, as does the entire bathroom, toiletries and the biggie project living room.

My shoes (minus the 8 pairs I will wear for the next few weeks – black sandals, gold sandals, eggplant pumps because they go with everything, tennis shoes, two pairs of flip flops, tan open-toed flat slides, black loafers) are all in a box, labeled fragile – because they are. And if they don’t make it to the next apartment – I will die. Maybe I should label the box with something else – like if these go missing I will punch you. Hhhmm, that is not very threatening. I don’t know how to punch. I never know where the thumb goes.  Maybe when the movers come I can explain the importance to the box. Yes – I am sure three large men are going to care about my shoes. Or my handbags that still need to be packed.

What I still need to do is pick a neighborhood, find a broker and find a notary of the public. But I will do that after I get Town and Country’s fire extinguishers sorted out. First things, first.

I sit down at the computer and begin researching prices. Home Depot’s prices are higher than Lowe’s. However, Lowe’s wants $80 for a delivery charge. This is HIGHWAY robbery. And while I am sure Town and Country can afford it – I don’t think he should have to pay it on principle alone. So I pull eight fire extinguishers into the shopping basket and email Town and Country.

Email to Town and Country: Hey! I have the fire extinguishers, Home Depot on Third Avenue has a good prices and has 8 in stock. Do you want me to buy them and invoice you? I can put them on my credit card.

Email to Desi Girl: That would be great. I will write you a check when you drop them off. Can you come by the house on Friday? I want to get your opinion on the kitchen remodel.

Okay. Doesn’t he have an architect?

Email to Town and Country: Sure, Friday is fine. Any time before 9 am works for me. (The last thing I want to do is go over there “after hours” – I know I am playing with fire, at least I currently have enough sense not to get burned.)

Email to Desi Girl: How about 8 am – and track your hours so I can pay you then too.


Adventurous Ammena said...

lol... I cant believe how much you have packed yet still you havent 1. found a new place and 2. told your landlord youre leaving (by whatever weird practise you yanks use to do that!)

101 Bad Desi Dates said...

Dear Adventurous Ammena -

LOL - I thought about your comment at work all day today. It is rather funny.

And I dont think all landlords require a notary of the public to sign off on a letter - just my wacko landlord :)

Desi Girl

p.s. I need to find a pet name for you like AA or Amms - something I feel like we're friends already!

Sunny said...

What are you concerned about? you will be going there with 8 fire extinguishers, so why be worried about fire? You have the CO2/monoxide detectors, so if you hyperventilate, they would beep. If you just carry, a spray of punjabi repellent (do they make anything like that? they should), you'd be all set and face any eventuality.

101 Bad Desi Dates said...

OMG Sunny - you are SO funny -

In addition to being a wanna be writer I am a poet too! LOL!

Your comment cracked me and I totally shd find some Punju Bad Man Spray for T&C.

Hoping you and the Mrs. are well!

Desi Girl