Saturday, August 27, 2011


A couple of hours later – I am impressed with how much progress I have made. I bubble wrapped all the glassware (minus the 3 glasses and a coffee mug that I am going to use until I move), packed tableware, pots, pans, kitchen appliances and mixing bowls. I feel a crick in my neck and my thighs are a little sore from doing packing calisthenics. I add another splash of vino to the glass and walk around the apartment. I stop to look out the window and stare across the air-shaft into the apartments across the way. I wonder if I will feel nostalgic when I leave this apartment.

I didn’t really have nostalgia from leaving Minnesota. Yes – I miss my family, friends, my haunts. But I don’t miss my old life. And wacky Minnesota politics - don't miss that either!

I hear my phone alert me to a text and set aside my glass. I walk across the living room and grab the phone.

Text from Town and Country: You awake?
Text from Desi Girl: Yep.
Text from Town and Country: I can’t sleep.
Text from Desi Girl: That is too bad.
Text from Town and Country: What are you doing up? It’s almost two a.m.
Text from Desi Girl: Packing.

Two minutes pass. I presume he has fallen asleep and just as I think to set the phone aside, I text him before going to sleep.

Text from Desi Girl: Okay – well good night.
Immediately a Text from Town and Country: Are you moving?
Text from Desi Girl: Yep. (Why else would I be packing?!)
Text from Town and Country: Where are you going?
Text from Desi Girl: I don’t know.
Text from Town and Country: Are you going back to Minnesota?
Text from Desi Girl: No, not yet. I was thinking since the recession is kicking in I can get an apartment in another ‘hood – like the Upper East Side.
Text from Town and Country: Okay – good. I was worried that you were leaving New York. And I don’t want you to go.

Sometimes when we are texting, a part of me is wondering who he is dating. And I don’t know what would break my heart more – learning that he has picked some silicone Park Avenue Barbie or that he selected a dumpy FOB woman from the Patiala pindh in Punjab who can roll round round rotis. While I am not ready to hear he picked anyone instead of me. There was NO part of me that was ready to hear that he doesn’t want me to leave New York – because most days he doesn’t seem to notice that I am in New York. 

He says just enough to keep me hooked. I want to hate him – but cannot.


Adventurous Ammena said...

I will hate him for you... but seeing as Im fasting, can we leave the hating until after Ramadhan? maybe then we will have more reasons :D

101 Bad Desi Dates said...

Dear Adventurous Ammena -

I know - I know. I want to hate him too, and you are right, hate is not good. But how can you totally fault someone who is trying to help.


Desi Girl

Anonymous said...

lol.. reason he does not want you to leave the city - he needs your architectural services! i'm sure you are far cheaper than any other equally good architect he will get. take care!

101 Bad Desi Dates said...

Dear Anonymous -

LOL - I thought the same thing - AFTER - I finished helping him ;) just kidding - but not really.

And I am WAY cheaper - I am constantly underselling myself and yet overperforming. Don't even get me started about work ... hai !!! :)

Desi Girl