Sunday, September 18, 2011


The next morning I wake up. The telly is on, the sun is desperately trying to stream in from behind the closed curtains. I roll the cricks and cracks out of my neck and sit up. Through blurred vision, because my contacts have fused to my eyes, I see that I have four text messages. But I cannot read them. Need eye drops. So I stumble to the bathroom looking for some liquid eye salvation, pour lubricant into my eyes until they stop hurting and I can see again. I go back to the living room and read the messages.

Text from Town and Country: Hey are you still there?
Two minutes later, text from Town and Country: Have you fallen asleep?
Two minutes later, another text from Town and Country: So are we on for tomorrow? Can you come to the house around 8 pm? I want to discuss the sheetrock and soundproofing.
Two minutes later, the fourth Text from Town and Country: G’nite girly-girl.

I text him back: Sure, tonight around 8 works.
Immediately, a text from Town and Country: Great. See you then.
Text from Desi Girl: Sorry – I fell asleep on you. See you soon.

And then - no more messages for the rest of the day.

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