Tuesday, September 27, 2011


The next night I am working on a proposal on my six year old laptop. Unsurprisingly, it is very slow. Also not helpful is that fact that the program I am using, Publisher, uses a lot and lot of memory, which is also aiding to the slowing down process. So my frustration level is already at a 7 out of 10.

My irritation with management (read: Dad) doesn’t help, bringing frustration to a 9. We have never turned down an opportunity to apply for a nice parking facility project. But this client is one we had before. And in my opinion, not that smart of one. They made all sorts of decisions about construction and pile driving and shoring behind our back that while our parking facility was under-construction. So much so that one fine day we were served by a county sheriff from Iowa stating the business owners with properties adjacent our project were suing us, the client, the contractor and nine sub-contractors.

The only highlight of spending 8 weeks of a trial  in an Iowa pig-farming community was that one of our lawyers was delicious. Ahhh. To remember him all these years later. Still he is yummy.  Tall, at 6’-2”, dark hair, handsome face, nice body … sigh … I am sure he is now married to someone gorgeous blond former runway model he met while running some marathon. And I am sure they have three perfect, cherub children they drive around in a Volvo.  Oh! And they probably live in some turn of the century fixer-upper. SIGH! Could have been me – I mean should I have been willing to live the rest of my life in Iowa with no martini or sushi bars, but with a smart, attractive, engaging man. (Note: I do not think that all of Iowa is dullsville. Just the town that I stuck in during the lawsuit).

I realize he was no desi man, ah … but he was almost perfect, if a human can come in the form of perfection. But he was nice and kind. And smart - so smart. He was more of a liberal than I am - and he was a great lover of Prairie Home Companion. He went to a Big Ten School for undergraduate and law school. He was well traveled, culturally savvy, he too worked for his father. Then there was pesky rule about attorneys not dating their clients. Yes, that is what I like to blame not dating him on. That it was against the rules for us to date. Not that he was just not into me.

While I have been working and daydreaming, I have broken the computer. By punching it a few times. Oops. My bad!


Desi Brother said...

A few times???? From the spider cracking, I would say Many Times!!

101 Bad Desi Dates said...

Dear Desi Brother -

Ahem. I do NOT know what you speak of ;)

Desi Girl