Sunday, September 25, 2011


“How much space does Green Glue take up?” I ask Desi Brother and shift the phone. “What?” Desi Brother demands. “What, what? How much space will the glue take in the wall,” I re-state. “It’s glue,” he replies. “I understand that, but Town and Country wants to know,” I reply. I hear my brother sigh before he says, “The glue’s thickness is not going to be an issue. Once it dries it’s gone.” “That is what I told him,” I reply. “But?” Desi Brother asks. “Well I am sure Town and Country is being thorough,” I reply.

“Uh-huh,” he replies. “And can you confirm that Green Glue cannot be affixed to brick?” I ask. “Yes. Green Glue does not go on brick,” he confirms. “And will sound travel through the nails in the studs?” I ask. Desi Brother sighs. “Well in theory it should be minimal in ideal construction situations. We will caulk to mitigate sound. But we are kinda the mercy of the unknown. These are old buildings, they shift, they have shared walls,” he says.

“Yes, I know. A building was demolished on his block and something shifted and now everyone on that block has rats in their basements,” I reply. “Ew, that is disgusting. Do the rats come back to the main level?” he asks. “Sometimes. Why do you think I am running around with hand sanitizer and never setting my bag on the subway floor?” I ask. “Make sure you tell him that this is not a soundproof system, it is a soundproofing system,” Desi Brother says.

“I also think we should draw up a new wall detail,” my brother suggests. “Fine – let’s over-detail everything, let’s show the studs, the nails in the studs, the caulk, and the glue but state it is not visible to the eye.  This way the Contractor cannot come back with 1000 questions,” I suggest.

An hour later after Desi Brother and I have reviewed the detail I send it over to Town and Country. And I include a note about the caulk.

Immediately he writes back: This is very helpful. I will share with the Contractor. Good to know about the sound proofing. Thanks for being taking the lead on this. Appreciate it very much.

Desi Girl: You are very welcome. Always happy to help.(Yippee!!!)


VIC SEMBI said...
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101 Bad Desi Dates said...

Dear Vic -

Well - if you ask him - he will tell you he is very busy. And I dont know what to tell you - it is not like he is curing some disease - he is making money. But he is VERY intense about it.

And I guess - since he seems hot and cold to me - I dont want to come on strong only to end up as a one night stand. I worry if I am too forward - then I cannot be upset when sees this as boom boom only. And I want more than boom boom - I want fireworks.

Desi Girl